1 good fan over 43/28/2021 6:25:51 PM

Pros: - Quiet (when you get a good one)- Match h500m 200mm fan- 25mm thick- Beautiful RGB

Cons: - Ordered 4 fan and 3 of them making wierd noise when installed to the horizontal.- Bad quality- Cooler master service = 0

Overall Review: Contacted cooler master 5 days ago and still no reply...

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You get what you pay for...11/6/2020 5:50:54 AM

Pros: - D-RGB - Cheap (cons too)

Cons: - Those fan are cheap made - Bearing noise - Loud

Overall Review: - Normally i love Phanteks products ( Case and fan) but those fan are garbage to compare to the real phanteks branded fan... I could say its cheap like cooler master fan :P

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Maxime We apologize for the issues you have experienced with our SK Fans. We can have replacements sent out to you as soon as possible if you contact Customer Care at http://www.phanteks.com/contact-us.html for warranty replacement and assistance.
Best case i've had10/10/2018 4:34:32 AM

Pros: - Great Design and air flow - If you plan on using Digital RGB from phanteks you can connect up to 8 RGB Halo, Strip, without rgb hub. - Nice cable management - This case is just too sick!

Cons: - 3 pin 140mm fan included... - 3 pin fan so can't control them they running at full speed. - They put Fan hub and this hub not working.... (with a 4 pin vardar fan this pwm hub still not working) - If you plan to use riser then you need to BUY PHANTEKS riser and no other or your not going to ba able to screw it to the case.

Overall Review: - I take off an egg cuz of the fan hub not working properly, 3 pin fan included and for the riser installation... Phanteks riser only. - Otherwise its a good purchase. - I dont understand people complaining about packaging.. everything was perfect no defect or scratch or anything. Great packaging.

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Just Awesome!!10/5/2018 6:22:22 AM

Pros: - Overclocking like a charm my 8086k - RGB lightning - X code Armor - M.2 SSD Heatsink

Cons: - The price :) - Not enough pwm fan headers

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