Works3/30/2018 6:22:09 AM

Pros: Moves lots of air, keeps the system cool

Cons: Loud, no way its 19 dba, its not unbearable but still way louder then i expected

Overall Review: Ill be looking for a new set because of the noise

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i have 2 works great2/16/2016 6:08:07 PM

Pros: 149 mb/ s sustained, I think burst was 300 plus. Works in dvr as well as 1 in my all in one, no issues so far, packaging was awesome thx

Cons: Non works great.

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very good2/16/2016 5:59:39 PM

Pros: It just works. You will need to port forward in order for you to use it outside of ur LAN. I used 8080 and 6036 since 80 was blocked. Also not sure what this barcode does, don't think that if you will magically scan it you will be able to view your dvr via Super live pro or internet. Backup works fine as well no issues. I use it with zosi cameras and combo is cheap and overall great value. The hdd installation was easy, I used wd blue 1tb and so far it's fine, I know it's blue but it has 1 platter thus has to be as reliable as purple( I think it's the color for dvr)

Cons: To view it you must use IE, safari, (imac) or super live pro, couldn't use chrome or Firefox or any mobile browser , have no idea what's the issue. because of the above I'm not sure if one will be able to use it with linux

Overall Review: Super live pro works great on android and IOS 9 ( note3 mine and iPhone 6 my wife's) but it has an issue of alarming for channel 8 video drop. Funny but I don't use ch 8, so I guess a glitches are still there.

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good cable2/16/2016 5:41:11 PM

Pros: Works perfectly + advertised length

Cons: None so far

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I didn't get what I ordered2/16/2016 5:36:21 PM

Pros: W/e they sent me works, I got 8 way splutter so I guess happy with this part. Shipping was fast as well

Cons: I got a completely different model , it has 2.5 amps instead of 3 thus I can run only 5 cameras and not 6. If you wonder it even looks different, it's not a brick it's a whole unit plug????????

Overall Review: Never happened to me before but I guess I have to use this one for now.

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it works4/17/2014 8:32:14 AM

Pros: its dvdrw it burns dvds it works its cheap

Cons: none

Overall Review: got it for 15 happy

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good mobo4/17/2014 8:30:59 AM

Pros: price is good started right up with a4 5300 and 4 gb of xms3 ram temps are low so thumbs up

Cons: the audio connector for the front panel is in front of the mobo so the audio cable stretches across and is a bit short dont know why they did it other then that good. ( ps my front audio panel is on top of the case)

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Perfect case4/17/2014 8:25:51 AM

Pros: This case is perfect for the budget build. Easy to use comes with lots of screws, and screw less system does work thought i added some to my dvdrw and hdd for stability.

Cons: You will have to remove front panel to install dvd drive, just pull from the top and then with pincers squeeze plastic clamps on both sides one at a time comes right off easy.

Overall Review: very satisfied for the price

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for the price its good9/20/2011 5:39:54 PM

Pros: Few positive things such as it turns on that's a plus. It came with 7200 rpm hdd. screen has no dead pixels. nvidia gpu!!! overall not too bad. Thanks newegg for the refund cos i got this laptop for 265 and the next day it dropped to 250!!! got my 15$ back. U will get a xp pro cd clean install !!! Battery gave me 4 hours which is good too

Cons: you can see it was used alot !!!!!!! somehow alt key was overused which is beyond me lol. Next r key is not working properly, Nvidia quadro 135m prone to failures but this is used laptop so i hope mine wont. the cpu vent was bent which is a huge con for me. though cpu temps stay below 65 on 100% load so will see what will happen, fingers crossed.

Overall Review: I got wd Scorpio black 320 hdd for this laptop cos 80 gigs is just not enough. The old hdd had some residue on it i guess it was coffee or something but it was working so w/e i dont really care. The installation was super easy 10 seconds flat. installed fresh copy of windows and it was good to go (u will need a second pc to get drivers though for the networking, the rest i just got from the dell website). So overall i feel like this laptop is good enough for the price thus 4 eggs!!

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1/12/2009 4:10:30 PM

Pros: light, good designed, good mic, pretty loud on loud. all in all not bad. Used it with 2 phones at the same time and separately works well. Battery life is average nothing extraordinary

Cons: noise and some kind of clicking in the background. I tried it with HTC tilt and blackberry 8310, same thing, gets annoying fast. Starts to click pretty bad when just answering. When dialing background noise only

Overall Review: for the price not too bad

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to newegg plz change it9/10/2007 8:14:18 PM

Pros: fast

Cons: not gtx

Overall Review: to the guy below my hw: gx2 specs are 500core and 1200mem, 7900gtx 700/650core, 1600mem, and im looking at gx2 right now and guess what it is just as long as this card oh my bad im looking at this card and its benchmarks at firingsquad, NEWEGG nvidia never made 7900gtx quad

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its ok9/8/2007 7:55:15 PM

Pros: its good enough don't know y people complaining about this machine. it runs ubuntu 7.04 wine beryl emerald kibadock, all without slowdown. and all that takes about 200mb of memory (360 with movie running plus Firefox and flash player). all drivers are present and all installed without a problem, plays movies internet etc. Somehow i didnt even have a poweroff problem with ubuntu

Cons: vista, i think the cpu is a bit slower then i expected but its still ok, battery is blah tinny less the 2 hours, i also have tosh*ba with 6 cell and it runs 30 min longer, but maybe its just ubuntu vs xp

Overall Review: for the price u cant complain less then 5_0, dont unserstand y people even considering running vista on it, go for ubuntu. I also tried to run xp but i didnt like it too much because of the cpu, but it was more then tolerable. overall im satisfied

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to newegg9/5/2007 4:01:18 PM

Pros: fast

Cons: to newegg please check the specs this is not gtx but gx2, and it doesnt have 1g vram it has 512*2 and dual gpu

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same as stock on load8/15/2007 4:58:07 PM

Pros: doesn't produce alot of noise, cools the cpu, speed controller well at least for those who actually going to use it

Cons: well it cools my athlon 64 almost exactly as my stock hsf did. well ill give it 5 C off on idle ( 32), on load numbers are the same around 43-42.

Overall Review: i have 8800gts running which raised my case temps. So i decided to go with this cooler it didnt help im still seeing low 40s on load and low 30s on idle (dont care about idle much) so not much improvements, the fan was very easy to install dropping the fact that u have to remove mobo, for soccet 939 it requires back plate and 2 screws thats it

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awsome6/21/2007 7:44:52 PM

Pros: weight weight weight, its so light i barely feel the difference in my backpack second is awesome battery life, i dont have to carry charger,saves some more weight.

Cons: hdd is somewhats slow, antenna is a jock and this is y it gets 4 eggs, i already broke it once near the base when i took it out of the backpack

Overall Review: overall extremely happy one of the best laptops which i ever owned

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good buy5/26/2007 9:38:43 PM

Pros: fast fast fast oblivion and prey (not mentioning CS and Rome Total War)all maxed out on 1680*1050 no problems no lags card came in well protected box had no scratches etc low noise almost no difference with 7300gs

Cons: this one is hot and i mean it gets ur system hot. I had 7300gs before and my cpu (3500+ OC) was around 37c on load now its 47, HDDs temperature went up from 28 to 35-37C (wd2500ks x2) motherboard temp whole the way up to 38 on load and it is all with 5 case fans, so make sure that u will spend extra on a good case. the card itself has 61c on idle and around 75-78C on load after a few hours of gaming Second this card is big i heard that ppl were talking about its size but wow it went whole the way up to hdds bay unexpected for me plu the power connector is on the back so it is an extra space too

Overall Review: Well overall im satisfied with this block i have a 2y/o 550psu which u can get for around 40-50 and it worked perfectly the difference with perfect Voltage only +-1-2% Also i ran 3dmark 03 and i got 28000 with my old cpu which is extremely good score almost the top one(in amd64) so i dont have to change whole system for the next year or so. I also saw some ppl which were getting around 40000-50000 with C2ds, but even with my cpu i can play games without any problems so overall 4 eggs good job Nvidia and newegg

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pretty good2/28/2007 12:13:15 PM

Pros: well it works pretty good no complains there just as other sad vista is not for this laptop, no driver issues with xp pro does not get that hot, battery life is a ok not impressive but not that terrible

Cons: didnt find many cons for the price guess amount of ram, VISTA

Overall Review: bought it because i dropped my old toshiba and it kinda didnt take it that well had to send it for warranty, no need in expensive machine so i found the cheapest one, be honest i expected much less from it but ou well it does the job , i ran some diagnostic tools for electric currents on my job and it worked pretty fast with these programs, also movies and some music no problems 2.

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good laptop1/3/2007 9:57:19 PM

Pros: overall very good notebook, no problems yet, it quit, fast, generates low heat, fan kicks in only once in a while, very good value, battery life is longer then 2 hours even with constant use, hdd is huge for laptop, weight is also very reasonable

Cons: 1 first is that hard drive is sloooow 26.7mb read on hdtach and i can hear it, 2 it came with 9.9gbs of junk on it, didnt get windows upgrade to vista card, had to reinstall windows to pro because it had so much junk on startup it was crazy, and finally i didnt find 64bit drivers on the website? had to go with regular winxp pro (it had mce originally)

Overall Review: drivers on 2 dvds worked perfectly with sp2, found each and every one of them, most if not all software is trial so be ware, theres almost no support on the website, and last but not least somehow my battery works much longer then advertised. i will recomend it, the only flow is the slow hdd although it has its own adventage which is low temp, it runs 38C after few hours of work. and yes use toshiba powersaver its awsome

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its ok11/24/2006 9:33:10 PM

Pros: its big, works, gives me no error, fairly cool but it has personal fan blowing right on it, gives good reading speed (16mb cache)

Cons: i can somewhat hear it expensive in gb/cent ratio

Overall Review: its average with the speed although i didn't take it for speed, just for storage. eased up my raid setup which is overall cheaper then this lol (wd250x2 7_4 each). anyways my friend had one and it died in a bad way without any signs it just clicked and stopped( no chance of data recovery) But mine works with no problems for a long time so this is probably the meter of luck. I would recommend it because even if something happens to it WD has outstanding RMA service. One of my 250 failed in the beginning and it was replaced within 2 weeks without any problems at all.

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good and bad10/21/2006 3:48:21 PM

Pros: well i loved it when i first got it, yes the screen is better then ipods, playes small videos nicely, the problem with the sleep is universal with all players so it cant be a con

Cons: I got it to watch videos while long trips to the city, thought it would be a good alternative to the laptop wrong it freezes (often!) when it plays avi larger then 200mb. Music videos were played w/o any problems. Also it started to freez when i transfered around 20gbs (even when it played music) when i deleted some the problem was solved (hah? what the point of 30gbs then.) I guess it didnt perfom as i expected and as most ppl wrote

Overall Review: The same stuff happens to my friends vision w version, so i guess it wasnt the broken product. I had nano before and the sound does luck a bit behind but still pretty good, also the looks is somewhat on the cheap side. Overall not a bad product if u will use it for mp3 only with under 20gb and ocationals videos then it will be perfect for u

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1 more objective opinion10/4/2006 6:20:04 PM

Pros: well it is very comfortable which gives it 1 star

Cons: this mouse in a big way. When i bought it, around 7 month ago, it worked pretty good for the first2-3 weeks (the signal was lost once in a while and it didnt bother me), then the problems started. First it was constantly losing signal even when reciever was inches from it. It would evolve in lost signal after each hour or so after 3-4 month. Then this beauty died after 7 month of use. (last 2 month it was practically unusable). Ou yea forgot to mention that it only worked on the solid wooden table. Didnt work at least correctly on any!!!! mouse pad which i or my friends have. Also didnt work with fifa2006???? And yes i changed and checked tons of batteries

Overall Review: PLZ DONT BUY, i have old and beautifull intelli point3 which is the best mouse ever created and i thought that this one will stack up to it, big no no. Back to intelli point once again, cant find a good replacement anyway.

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good for the price9/8/2006 11:06:46 AM

Pros: very fast, cool and quiet rocks, just dont forget to switch to the laptop in your power manager will save u alot of energy, 2.4 stable on asus a8s-x didnt go further dont know y probably because of the sis 756 NB

Cons: multitasking kinda s_x, slows down, but pretty much will burn any sempron or celeron for the price

Overall Review: my friend has this thing to check the consumed power right from the source and cool and quiet reduced the power consumption by at least 1/3. on the lowest settings this chip will run 1ghz with 1.13V middle is 1.8-2ghz with 1.35v and the full load 2.2 1.42V which makes it pretty much on par to the mobile cpus, but what makes it grate is that most of the time it is on the low power which more then enough for shareaza movie and firefox going at the same time. plus the temperature drop on idle was from 32-34c to 29-30 on stock hsf amd 3500+ asus a8s-x 7300gs (17' future power+19" syncmaster 955df) 512 kingston plus old wd120jb system is under 450 sweet

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9/4/2006 2:42:35 PM

Pros: good proc i own 3.2 version which performce grate

Cons: dont own yet

Overall Review: note 2 newegg y r they so expensive i have mbord which seats without proc but i dont wont to spend so much money on single core especially when i see pd for exact same price. Drop prices plz

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stop with ddr28009/4/2006 1:26:42 PM

Pros: it works perfectly

Cons: almost none except North B. somewhat hot around 40C on load dont know y

Overall Review: ppl its 570 so it will support only 667 ram 590 will support 800 plz read the specs. and stop giving this product bad reviews i have it and it works perfectly with 6400 2 7600gts + 2 1gb value kingstons 667 (cheap and fast) its not the board's fault if u cant read

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average9/2/2006 11:27:11 AM

Pros: its cool when it works. microsoft done its hw with the comfort side of the product, although it takes time to get used to, ALOT of programable keys, i never had that many in one product which is really grate, mouse has pretty good trucking but...

Cons: first keyboard: its big (for some maybe pro) but for me its way out there, i had the a4 set which took 2/3 the space which this keyboard takes, second the signal is not that good, sometimes gets lost etc but after pressing channel button its back ( not that often just sometimes), range is kinda short, and it is hard to remember which keys were programed for what. mouse works pretty good only on one surface which is my solid wooden table , on all other surfaces it wasnt acurate at all (optical and regular mouse pads i tried like 7-10 of them), sometimes the signal is lost, but when it works it one of the best. And the last u eventually have to change the battery.

Overall Review: this set didnt work with fifa2005-06 it somehow brought down my fps to 5, on all other games it worked fine (CS, Rome tottal war, and prey). When i swithced back to a4 set game (fifa) worked perfectly fine. dont really know what happened overall good idea but microsoft should spend some time on the signal quality then it will be perfect. I gave it 3 as not a bad product just average.

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