Caution for Linux users!2/27/2019 2:18:17 PM

Pros: Does work on many distros without hacking grub config files. Boots up no problems. That's not the end of the story.

Cons: Although the card works very well to begin with on Linux. You will have some issues that will not show up at first. This is mainly for Ubuntu/Debian based distros. Ubuntu 18.04, Linux Mint 19, and elementary os. You will have random bright flash periodically on the desktop. In Ubuntu you will not be able to play videos smoothly in Gnome (Totem) player. Random freezing. MPV is a bit better but not great. In Peppermint 9 and elementary os. if you put let the monitor go to sleep you may not get the signal to wake it up. Your PC will be on but the screen will not come back up. It is very random. What upsets me the most is how the Linux community goes on and on about how AMD is opensource and works great. I have yet to see it. Opensource is not worth a pile of monkey poop if it does not work properly. I have replaced this card with a Nvidia one. Nvidia runs on all my Linux machines. I have not had any issues with Nvidia and Linux in the last couple years despite them being proprietary. I hope I am wrong about all this and the card is just bad. But I have read other users having some issues as well. Hey AMD if you are going to support us in Linux then support us all the way.

Overall Review: I only used the opensource driver as I read too many users having "Black screens of death" trying the "amdgpu pro" drivers. BTW works well in Windows 10. Unfortunately due to the lack of Microsoft understanding how a OS should treat it's users. Windows is not a option for me anymore.

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