Great performence for a budget gamer7/25/2007 1:32:24 PM

Pros: Low Price, Can play all games out now(7/25/07) and they look great, 128 bit memory interface with 256mb gddr2 for under 75 bucks. Quiet and cool. Vista 4.4 experience index for aero 4.9 for GAMING!

Cons: May need to move a pci card the cooler takes up a whole slot under the card(not that big a deal though)

Overall Review: Wonderful card, cheap and powerful gives a vista Video experience idex subscore of 4.4 not bad for the cheap price to run aero and 4.9 for gaming, thats awsome. Would highly recommend this card to the budget gamer, i just ran fable 1024x768 all effects and it looked bueatiful and smooth.

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