Upgraded from 680i12/27/2007 11:57:47 AM

Pros: Very good overclocker..my e6850 hit 4.4ghz and on my 680i i could only hit 4.1ghz. PCIE 2.0 and support for the 45nm penryn quads coming out in 2008.

Cons: No cons

Overall Review: i have my crucial ballistix tracers running at 1333 mhz on this thing, and with cl6 timings it kills ddr3, so thats why 790i is a no go for me.

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Another for sli11/20/2007 3:49:59 AM

Pros: Just got one for sli and i must say 2 8800gtx's is sick. Crysis plays great at mostly very high settings at 1920x1200 with sli beta drivers. Will last me till 2009 where i will step-up for next gen

Cons: Makes my case very hot with 2 of them overclocked to 650/2100

Overall Review: Its well worth it and will let you max games for quite a while especially if you OC it with a nice cpu

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beats all the others10/10/2007 12:11:32 AM

Pros: I compared this to every other name brand monitor and you cant beat it, the 3ms eliminates any ghosting and the colors are bright and bold. Def get this if your a gamer.

Cons: Only con is power button its hard to look for but you get used to it and u start to know exactly what to push on the side panel.

Overall Review: Overall its amazing, beat out 3 other 24-28" monitors i tested, i mean come on, its a 3ms 28" lcd what more could i have asked for.

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Get it over the q66007/31/2007 7:55:55 AM

Pros: Overclockable to 4ghz easy and stable. I broke 20,000 in 3dmark05 with it easy with a 8800gtx. This CPU is amazing for gaming, lord of the rings online got a 25 frame boost from it! Get this thing and OC it!

Cons: None, overclocks well on air and liquid

Overall Review: Get this thing and it will last u for very high end gaming for 1+ years, and then upgrade to the new quad cores coming in 2008, dont buy a quad now, this beats them all for gaming.

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