Apart from some hiccups, pretty good7/31/2021 7:22:15 AM

Pros: -EVGA 3080 Ti and Ryzen 9 5950x together in one system -EVGA G5 850 PSU to power the system (for mine, anyway) -2TB NVME is more than enough space -Really good cable management (see below) -EVGA Mouse and Keyboard were extra

Cons: -Power hiccups (see below) -RGB lights on the CPU Cooler (Thermaltake 240mm) don't turn on - Not enough to worry about for me as pump still works -Oddly, really good cable management (again, see below)

Overall Review: Owned this for about a week now, and the first weekend had some interesting things happen with it. First things first, shipping box was pristine, no dents or scuffs anywhere, so that's good. Next was the box the computer itself comes in, (it's a box in a box because of extra stuff they sent along with it: mouse, keyboard, and spare cables for power supply and motherboard) which was also well packaged. Since I haven't seen any pictures about the packaging for the PC out of the box, I included one, and yes, they do pack the inside to make sure nothing falls apart, but as usual, there's only so much one can do. All the cords and plugs were still in, booted it up, changed the XMP profile for the RAM to its default 3200 speed and booted straight to setup. Perfect. For the odd bits, I don't think the 240mm cooler is really enough for this CPU personally. On first boot, and without BIOS or driver updates done, idle temps were around the 40-45c mark. A little high, but it is the middle of summer, so hey, whatever. After messing around, I got some things updated and then temps started coming done. Great. Now, the reason why "really good cable management is listed as both a pro and con: expandability. Everything in the back is well routed and tied down, but that also makes it hard to get to anything for the PSU, which is needed if you wanted to add any extra hard drives. Good news for that, at least: the hard drive cage in the basement can be unscrewed and actually has a secondary forward position it can be mounted back into place. Nice. That's where I started having some interesting problems. After plugging in my extra hard drives (3 total, yes - I have a problem), One hard drive had problems with loading and would freeze up explorer.exe. Didn't really need it so, eh, no problem, I ignored it and did some web browsing. AND THEN the power cut off. I went through, checked all the settings, and unhooked the first hard drive thinking maybe there was a connection issue with that. Fine, back to browsing. Little while later, same issue, clicked a link, and computer cut back out. Come to find out after all said and done, the ECO mode on the back of the PSU was turned on, and it didn't seem to like the upswing in power suddenly hitting it. No problem, turned it off, and haven't had any other problems since. My problem may just be a fluke, but it is something to at least note. Otherwise I can actually recommend this system to anyone looking for a high end computer for gaming/productivity uses.

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