Very nice price for decent chips10/14/2007 9:52:59 PM

Pros: low voltage means low heat, high frequency, pretty good CAS #'s, fall right in line with stability

Cons: if you only have 2 slots for ram, you may not see a huge speed boost.

Overall Review: CAS #'s are where RAMs speed sits. don't be fooled too much by the '1066 Mhz' boast. the 5's are (giving short version as to keep post small) the number of times the CPU has to skip a write/read to give the RAM time to recover. the last number is the overall time before the bank is flushed. if the last number is less than 1st+2nd+3rd, you will chance getting stability probs. but if it's too high, you will be wasting cycles. Proper Motherboard support should make these fly, and still be stable. (DualMode will allow the CPU to alternate write between chips, essentially halving the 5, to a 2.5). Having more ram chips, and a decent NorthBridge will compliment them well.

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