TP-Link AC1200 Router6/22/2020 8:24:38 AM

Pros: AC router supporting 5G connection in addition to 2.4G which replaced another TP-Link router which would not set up properly. This router was easily configured for the extensive purpose intended and although not as fast as the router it replaced it is adequate to handle the demands of public access in a small historical society as well as the network activities within the society. Small and unimposing and can be located about anywhere. Supports guest and network SSID's in both 5G aand 2.4G.

Cons: Have not encountered any negatives yet.

Overall Review: Probably one of the easiest routers that I have ever set up.

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Best Replacement for a Watch10/21/2018 4:22:09 AM

Pros: Very reasonably priced, monitors sleep patterns & amount, pedometer, mileage walked, pulse rate and calories consumed. Bluetooth connection to cellphone. Set up to five single or recurrent alarms. Pushes caller ID, limited text messages and notifications from other apps to the band. Separation from cellphone reminder. Very good software with many other customizations. Comfortable fit for small arms and water resistant to the point of showering & hot tub with it on. Charge lasts a week.

Cons: Clasp on band requires very nimble fingers.

Overall Review: I have put away my watches, daily and dress, in favor of the fitness band all of the time (literally). Easily paired with a cellphone and is a winner with all of the functions available. An excellent companion for daily life. Replacement bands are inexpensive and readily replaceable in various colors.

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Looked Good BUT FAILED MISERABLY!5/17/2018 8:39:35 AM

Pros: Easy to set up. Has all of the features that I need.

Cons: Failed to connect on Guest SSID's. Dropped connection after about 30 seconds on both main SSID's. Updated firmware FAILED TO CORRECT the connection problems. This router is and has always been absolutely worthless to me. Should be rated ZERO!

Overall Review: Thirty day warranty period for refurbished equipment is a little short to try to establish and correct problems with a router. I would recommend NEVER buying refurbished equipment.

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Bluetooth Transmitter5/1/2017 2:10:55 PM

Pros: Arrived about two days ahead of promised. Bluetooth connects quickly and sound quality was very good on a clear FM channel. Item was defective with buttons not working; but return was authorized quickly. Reasonably sure that credit will be received and a replacement I ordered will be here in two days.

Cons: Unfortunately buttons on the transmitter did not work. I really can't fault them for that.

Overall Review: If this problem works properly and sound quality is as good, I will be well satisfied.

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Good First Time Around12/13/2015 10:15:41 AM

Pros: Good the first time around.

Cons: Worked one time on arrival. Three months and ten days (second use) when ready to populate server it was DEAD (red light only) and not eligible for return. Major disappointment.

Overall Review: Had everything to do the job; but let me down miserably.

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Crash Camera8/2/2014 12:32:33 PM

Pros: Cheap!

Cons: Died with less than two hours recording. No significant quality to the video.

Overall Review: Not worth the effort & cost to return.

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Camera Defective3/28/2014 2:23:35 PM

Pros: Camera worked when hooked to TV and to monitor in auto.

Cons: When mounted in appropriate position, camera displays the inverse, right is left and left is right.

Overall Review: Can't see how it could get more confusing if you are backing up.

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Mouse Disaster7/8/2013 5:16:27 PM

Pros: Absolutely None!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cons: Nothing good about it! Reburbished Logitech products from Newegg are an absolute, total loss! Refurbisher, you should be ashamed!

Overall Review: I purchased mouse & keyboard together. Keyboard was defective and had no nanoreceiver. Returned for credit. Mouse was functional with my nanoreceiver but not with one shipped. When I went to use it three months later the mouse was non-functional. All attempts to troubleshoot were fruitless. Mouse is DEAD. Don't EVER consider buying a Logitech refurbished product. It would not be worth the cost and effort to attempt to return for credit.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Carmen Audio Player for Car1/14/2011 5:40:18 AM

Pros: Purchased at a very low sale price, allows me to be able to play my extensive collection of albums (mp3 format) on an older Bose system that does not have auxilliary input. Sound is exceptional and rarely has extraneous noise induced by weak radio station. Easy to operate, to limited degree, using buttons on the player.

Cons: Buttons on player do not include the ability to advance from one folder to the next. Player responds VERY poorly to the keypresses on the remote control. The remote control is the only place to be able to advance from one folder/album to the next. Display is very small and difficult to read in sunlight and user must be stopped or a passenger to be able to read or control well. User manual must be d/l from website and is sketchy with regard to player controls. I do not place value in the "internet radio" portion which seems to be an inducement of free music; however it does seem to work fairly well.

Overall Review: The Carmen play fulfills a very specific need that allows me to listen to my choice of music and overcomes the limitations of a high quality, older automobile sound system. It is very easy to overlook the shortcomings of the player controls for the benefits that I have received from the player. If I ever get an exceptional sale price again, I will probably purchase a number of these units for gifts. Without factoring in the exterme benefit to me, I would rate only as three eggs; but because if fills a very specific need very well, I will rate it as four eggs.

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