Good case9/21/2014 11:31:16 PM

Pros: SOLID CONSTRUCTION, no flimsy parts front panel looks so luxurious and elegant. Don't feel like a $40 case. super good air flow silent with some velcro tapes, you can mount SSD ANYWHERE YOU WANT. You can also mount the HDD into the 5.25 bay, this way you can have even more airflow. Just be creative !

Cons: no room to route cables in the back of the motherboard (see other thoughts)

Overall Review: Although there's no room the in back of the motherboard to route cables. You can actually zip-tied any unwanted cables and stuff it in the 5.25 bay. For cables like USB 3.0 or HD audio, you can stuff them between the back of motherboard tray and the side cover.

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good stuff9/21/2014 11:19:01 PM

Pros: FAST, STUPID FAST CHEAP LOOKS SO SHINYYYYY CAME WITH CLONING SOFTWARE Boot up time with intel g3258 with windows 7 ultimate is about 10-15second

Cons: no adapter bracket I don't think they included the screws, but that's fine.

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Good board, and the only motherboard you really need actually9/21/2014 11:15:19 PM

Pros: Cheap has a large range of CPUs to choose from good looks easy installation has socket for front panel USB 3.0 paired with crusial mx100 ssd, boot up time was about 15sec for windows 7 ultimate.

Cons: ONLY TWO FAN HEADERS XD BIOS is a bit laggy if you are only using a mouse, but its still easy to work with. This board boots fast, so spam DEL if you want to change stuff in the bios.

Overall Review: As of 9/20/14, these boards should be rev 2.0. For those we are worry about intel G3258 compatibility. The bios are updated so the cpu will work. However, you need to update the bios for intel G3258 overclocking .

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Good Stuff8/8/2013 6:55:03 PM

Pros: -It has red LED, lights up the corsair logo. Unlike the m65, the logo will not light up. -The grip is nice, and the sliding is really really smooth. -The cursor moves very smoothly, I did not have to update the firmware, because it works fine just out of the box. -I already ordered a K70(black) from newegg that match with this. -4000dpi smooth tracking is better than k65 8000+ dpi with unstable tracking. -its a light mouse, I removed all the weights because I like my mouse as light as possible.

Cons: Kinda wish the casing was black aluminium like the casing of K70 instead of the plastic. But hey, this mouse is really light. -Just hope this mouse can last me for 2 years, because I do a lot of clicking.

Overall Review: I actually didn't buy this mouse from newegg because the local store near my place have a student discount for all the corsair stuff. I just want to give my support to Corsair. And, I think I made the right decision buying this mouse. I do a lot of clicking, I usually go through three $15 mice a year. So, I hope this mouse can last at least for 2 years before it start falling apart. I am also going to change the LED on my fractal design define R4 (black) from Blue Led to Red Led for the power button just to match with my m40 and k70.

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good12/1/2011 9:40:03 AM

Pros: looks better than the picture

Cons: none

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GOOD CASE12/1/2011 5:27:44 AM

Pros: -Good size for a ATX mid towercase (not too big, compare to 600t) bigger dimension does not mean better airflow -Removal hhd rack = better air flow , and longer graphics card. (who really need more than 3 drives anyways, especially since they cost so much now) SSD can be mounted all over the case easily. -Price (I got it for $45 on shell shocker) -Packaging was perfect, They use double boxes btw. -Looks good, not too flashy. -Plastic does not feel cheap at all for the price you are paying. -good cable management Overall, the performance is more than enough for a crazy gaming rig. -CM hyper 212+ fits -light weight, but sturdy

Cons: -side doors are easily marked by finger prints -USB 3.0 header is not included, but it's okay (just use the USB 3.0 header that came with your motherboard and wire everything internally) -no dust filters for the side door, (this can be a problem, so you might want to buy additional dust filter for the tradeoff of better airflow, worth it)

Overall Review: I am wondering if I can fit H100 radiator on the top, and if I can mount additional fan on the front panel if I don't use any 5.25" drive bays Just buy it when it's on sale. Regular price may not be worth it.

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