Works as expected but a low resolution makes the sytem limited.6/11/2017 3:50:23 PM

Pros: Good for Front and Back doors or Inside due to lower resolution. Also good for an apartment due to no wires. I like the Geofencing option to self arm/disarm. Battery life is really good. No problems with distance inside. Easy to setup. Free cloud storage for up to 5 camera's, can't beat that. 2 way speaker, can turn off audio recording but still audio triggers a recording which is nice. Outdoor audio recording in some states may not be legal due to Wiretapping laws.

Cons: Resolution is too low for any real distance. Geofencing takes a little while to work, sometimes the system stays armed when I get home even though I have it set to Large area. Setup a custom profile to turn off the inside cameras when I am home but keep the outside cameras on motion detection.

Overall Review: When I found out how limited the picture looked, I also purchased a POE system from Lorax "2K IP Security camera system with 8 Channel NVR and 4 HD outdoor 3MP cameras LN10802-84W" for outside, shed, backyard, driveway due to higher resolution. With POE I will only need to run 1 wire for each camera. Plus it has push alerts with motion detection. The combination of these 2 systems work well for me.

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