4/30/2018 7:59:16 PM

Pros: it's fast. used it for about 7 months with no problem. first used it in a laptop then took it out and put it in a new desktop I built

Cons: expensive

Overall Review: this is probably somewhat past the point of diminishing returns in terms of value. I think you could get a cheaper NVMe M.2 SSD that is maybe 40-50% cheaper but only around 30% worse or something like that.

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Simple but Effective12/31/2016 10:48:47 AM

Pros: This is basically a heater and a fan placed underneath some plastic trays with large holes to keep food warm and well ventilated, which is really all you need to dry out food rapidly. It's much better than keeping an oven on low heat for many hours or other improvised alternatives. The instruction booklet gives recommended drying times for various foods. Time can vary from 6-36 hours to dry completely depending on what you use and how much moisture there is and what you set it to (temp control ranges from 90--160 farenheit)

Cons: The trays do not heat evenly so you will need to rearrange them halfway through drying process (the bottom trays will dehydrate more quickly than top trays

Overall Review: Trays are easy to move around. It comes with a few plastic trays with smaller holes and one with no holes that you can place on top of the other trays.

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My 2nd Naga, my 3rd Razer mouse1/27/2016 1:04:50 PM

Pros: -19 programmable buttons including scroll wheel tilt -Shape is more comfortable (slightly wider where pinky grips) so my hand won't cramp -good drivers with unlimited number of profiles and ability to auto-swith to the appropriate one when you launch a .exe -ability to import profiles from cloud that you set up on other razer devices -side buttons are easier to push -you can change the color of all the lights and set patterns or have it fade through the color spectrum which looks cool -sturdy and long braided cord

Cons: -pretty expensive compared to some competitors -side buttons are easier to push. I list this as both a pro and a con because you can accidentally press them if you're used to gripping thumb on pad -shape of side keypad is a bit different, so I will have to re-learn muscle memory (the old one was like an oldschool nokia phone keypad and felt smoother but you had to push harder) - i feel like the side buttons could be a little closer together between rows or stick out a little bit less - there is no bump on the 5 and 11 buttons for tactile reference i'm nitpicking because I used that previous naga pretty extensively and really came to love and rely on the keypad for all genres of games, not just MMO

Overall Review: You can get a good mouse from other brand with a side keypad for half the price of this one, but I got this one mostly because the drivers are superior, don't limit the number of profiles, and I could use the 20+ profiles I had set up with my old naga which would have been a real hassle My previous Naga was 2013 or 2014 version and I replaced it because I wore out the middle mouse button and was unable to repair it

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8/26/2015 1:10:59 PM

Pros: Price seemed too good to be true, especially given the USB adapter that was included, but its legit. Very cost effective upgrade to the 4GB card that came with my smartphone for storing more music and audiobooks.

Cons: In my newegg order history it gave me the wrong tracking number for this purchase, but the confirmation email included the correct one. Shipping took slightly longer than expected but it arrived in good condition.

Overall Review: comes formatted in FAT32 If you reformat it to something else it might not be compatible with your device. check your device manual and search tech forums to see what formats your device can read, but leaving it in FAT32 should be fine for most users unless you really need to store individual files larger than 4GB

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7/22/2015 10:22:06 AM

Pros: very good price-performance arrived fully functional in like-new condition probably the most efficient upgrade you can buy if you're still running your OS and favorite programs off a mechanical HD

Cons: doesn't come with a SATA cable, but you probably have an extra and if not you can buy one on newegg for like $3

Overall Review: bought this for my dad to speed up his computer used a freeware tool called EaseUS Todo Backup to clone his old OS drive onto this one this allowed me to make an exact copy of his OS with all his settings and stuff without having to do a reinstall I bought a 120GB SATA II SSD like 3-4 years ago, and it cost me over 4x this price and has less performance than this one plus some compatibility issues, so the technology is improving rapidly

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Great look and feel9/27/2014 12:25:54 AM

Pros: the screen is the big selling point over other Chromebooks. 1920x1080 on a 13,3" screen is a very high pixel density compared to the vast majority of other monitors or laptop screens resulting in a great picture, easily outclassing any other Chromebook. It was worth the extra money compared to the alternatives with similar technical specs. it's fast, lightweight, quiet and cool, with a long battery life which is what a Chromebook should be

Cons: Integrated graphics. ARM processor limits what applications you can use, but I can still do most of what I wanted. Depending on what you want to use it for, these cons may not be cons for you at all. the Chromebook fits a specialized role, and i leave the heavy lifting to my desktop

Overall Review: I installed ChrUbuntu, so I can run the native Chrome OS or switch over to Linux which dramatically increases the versatility of this device and the range of applications I can run.

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Great sound quality from Biggie, to Bach, to Bad Company 212/14/2010 11:48:31 PM

Pros: I've been using these for about 10 months or so. As good as some headphones of double or triple the cost. Have had no complaints about the mic quality. In-line volume control and mic on/off switch is useful. This product won me over to the Sennheiser brand.

Cons: The cable seems just a tad cheap. The TRS plug on the headphone in broke after about 4 months of moderate to heavy use, but it might have been largely due to the super tight front audio jack on my PC. The plug was difficult to solder and repair properly because the individual wires are coated in enamel insulation rather than separated by rubber sleeves.

Overall Review: After having to repair these, I wish they made the plugs more accessible, like with most guitar cables for example, so you could unscrew the plug for repair instead of having to cut it off and solder it to a new trs plug.

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Good4/30/2009 5:19:01 PM

Pros: Installation was very easy. eSATA has given me no hassle.

Cons: The internal power cable for the led is too long.

Overall Review: Ships in an unnecessarily large box.

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