Fast card9/26/2018 1:37:28 PM

Pros: Just installed the card yesterday , so far no problems. I'm running a i7-8700k oc to 5.0 on all cores, and had a gtx 980. On BF1 Ultra at 3440x1440 I was pulling 35-45 fps, With the new card I'm now pulling 90-130 fps depending on the map. Crysis 3 ultra 3440x1440 low 30's fps now 75-90 fps.

Cons: packaging it came in looked like it would be for a $250 card not $840.

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Great gaming experience4/20/2015 11:30:21 AM

Pros: I went with this monitor because of all the reviews complaining about the LG Bleed. So far I have had no issues and it looks amazing. I have played crysis 3 and H1Z1 the most, playing with a screen this wide really does change the feel. To me it's a perfect screen size it takes up almost all my peripheral vision but I dont have to turn my head to look at the sides. I honestly love this monitor and I don't think I could go back to a traditional size.

Cons: So for the cons, I don't really have many but the first would be price its expensive I wish it was more around the $1000 mark but w/e its awesome. The Va panel is not as sharp as IPS but I knew that when I got it. When I look at my Asus 27" IPS off to the side of my desk I can tell a difference If I look back and forth at them. But without them side by side I can't really tell. Lastly GPU horsepower this thing is a monster, I look around forums and see people saying 970's and other lower graphics cards are pushing 3440x1440 with ease. Well they are full of it Crysis 3 with 2 gtx980's in sli getting 45-70 fps, metro last light 50-70. Yea sure you can turn down the graphics but whats the point of buying such a giant monitor if your going to do that.

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