Not worth the hassle (even for the price)6/30/2011 1:32:14 PM

Pros: None.

Cons: First, I put 1day - 1week ownership because I have had two drives within 1 week. I did not recieve either drive from newegg, but from a local computer store that was matching internet pricing. With that being said...The first drive I had installed would either freeze windows after boot or (if i got it to work) it would freeze my computer in mid burn. I exchanged the drive for the same exact one and after I installed it into my pc, it would burn just fine. When it came to verify the disc it produced 3 or more read errors within the first 1500 sectors.

Overall Review: I have a slightly older version of this drive in my wife computer. I took it out and put it into mine to make sure that it wasn't my sata ports. It showed in bios, windows booted fine, and it burned/verified perfectly (no errors). I went with LG because of the name brand and the "quality" they produce. I'm not going to count LG out just yet (overall) but with this drive and future ones, they will not have my business anymore.

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Amazing Camera....3/23/2008 9:54:11 PM

Pros: It fits my hands perfect. Picture quality is excellent. Fast shutter speeds. Big lcd screen. Fits many lens. Fast write time to cf card. Pretty accurate view finder from what I notice. Many, many, many options, (as far as menu, picture settings).

Cons: I don't know enough about DSLR's.

Overall Review: Let me be the first to say that I don't know much about dslr cameras. I've learned so much within the last month of owning this camera and I'm still learning more everyday. I haven't been able to leave it alone. I'm always taking photos and trying different things. I was going to get a high zoom point and shoot before my fiance's dad showed me his dslr camera. I was pretty amazed at the photos he showed me he had taken with his camera and lens. I decided to get this one at my local Sams C!u& after realizing that after shipping and handling from newegg total it was only about 20 dollars more in the store. I'm glad I did. I still have a point & shoot that I keep with me in case I need to use it quickly, but this camera is simply amazing. Get one. You will never regret it.

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Good Camera.10/9/2007 6:28:34 PM

Pros: Great optical zoom. Very good focusing (up to 1cm close to the lens). Zeiss Lens so you get really good clarity. Lots of features (for me at least). SLR Like so you can get a few different lenses for it. Viewfinder incase you don't want to use LCD. Photo Editing inside of camera. Really bright flash.

Cons: Memory Stick Pro/Duo/Pro Duo. No case comes with it. Like others, if iso is above 400 then pictures look alittle funny.

Overall Review: I bought Mine at a local store that had it for the same price so that way I didn't have to wait for shipping. The Memory Stick isn't really a negative but it would be better if it used the SDHC. With the memory stick I haven't seen anything that goes above 4gb. Not saying that's bad but would be nice to see something with more memory. If anyone sees any let me know.

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Not sure about this one...8/3/2007 6:47:44 PM

Pros: Good speed and amount of memory for the price.

Cons: I put them into my biostar TF7025-M2 and every single time I tried to install windows xp pro I was getting the blue screen of death and a PNF_List_Corrupt messege. I had to put one stick in at a time and install windos to the point of when it gives the error just to find out which stick it was.

Overall Review: Wasn't pleased to say the least. I haven't tried OCZ before and I'm not saying that it's a bad company or anything but I probably won't buy them again.

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Perfect Motherboard8/1/2006 10:05:16 PM

Pros: Fired up on first start. Everything worked like it was suppose to. Excellent price for such a quality board.

Cons: HA HA HA HA. Uuuhhhh, that's funny.......cons...HA HA HA...ahhh.

Overall Review: I was alittle sketchy about recieving this board because it was the first board from this company that I have ever tried. Fortunetly, I was blessed with such a quality piece of equipment.

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Perfect!3/30/2006 6:44:08 PM

Pros: Quiet, fast and well built. It has so far passed all of the tests that I have put at it. I couldn't ask for a better product.

Cons: None so far that I can think of.

Overall Review: Sempron 64 3400+ OCed to 2.45mhz Biostar K8T08 MB 1.5gb pqi DDR400 Ram Nec 3540A Nec 3550A(just added) (2) 160 WD UDMA100 HDD PNY Geforce 5700VE 256MB SB Live 5.1 Platinum Ultra 500 Power Supply

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