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The one TRUE competitor of the IPhone12/16/2008 2:05:33 PM

Pros: -Wi-fi(automatically scanning for a wireless network and connecting to it without needing to manually activate the wi-fi radio beforehand was a nice touch) -GPS(the inclusion of assisted GPS means location fixes within seconds and it also works with third party mapping software suck as Google Maps) -5 Megapixel camera(takes great photos that are on par with standalone cameras of similar resolution) -Integrated graphics chip(gameplay and video playback is rivaled only by the IPhone) -S60 ver.3.1 running on Symbian OS ver. 9.2(there are thousands of third party programs that compliment it's already broad functionality and multitasking on this phone is a breeze) -FM radio -S60 Web Browser(one of the best mobile web browsers I've used to day with features suck as Page Overview which allows you to scroll through the entire page and zoon in on the section you want and the built-in RSS reader as well as Flash Lite 3)

Cons: -No built-in antenna for the FM radio and no RDS -No auto-rotate function as found in the N95-4(N95 8GB NAM) -Not compatible with N-Gage(one area where this phone is shafted by Nokia) -Only one firmware update in the 13 months this phone has been on the market

Overall Review: Setting this phone up to use with my T-Mobile SIM card was [too] easy. I have been using phones with full QWERTY keyboards for the past year so readjusting to a numeric keypad for texting was painful, for lack of a better term. However, I'm making progress and learning to get used to T9. Overall an excellent phone. It's a true flagship phone. If you're looking for a more business-centric device then look at an E series phone. This is the only device that can truly compete with the multimedia capabilities of the IPhone

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