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Dissapointing10/11/2009 2:58:35 AM

Pros: Nice looking least for a while.

Cons: It's a shooter with no autoaim or mouse support. Downright annoying soundtrack that repeats so frequently that you will be tired of it before the install completes. Weapons are cartoonish at best.

Overall Review: This game is getting sold to gamestop.

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Better than expected9/21/2009 4:55:11 AM

Pros: This is a nice, solid feeling drive that is rather quick for the price. Speeds are higher than I expected, and the slider thing works smoothly. Also looks kinda cool.

Cons: I have only had it one day, and it already has pocket lint stuck in it...the slider cover does not keep any of this out. The speed could be better...but it is much faster than I expected after using various other Kingston flash drives.

Overall Review: I don't regret buying this...that is saying a lot for cheap flash memory.

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Problematic, noisy9/21/2009 4:50:26 AM

Pros: Big...but that's what I paid for.

Cons: This drive does not work with my 3ware RAID controler. It puts itself into power saving mode every 3-20 minutes, and removes itself from the array. This causes the controler to try to rebuild the data. The rebuilds never finish, because the drive always disconnects first. I have the latest firmware for my controller (3ware 9690SA), and WD does not offer the fixed firmware on their site (the production date indicates that it would have come with a newer firmware anyway).

Overall Review: This drive is slower and more expensive than the 3 seagate 1.5TB units I already had working for over a year without issue. I only bought it because of an incorrect belief that the drive would be quiter than my seagate 7200RPM drives (last time I'll believe a forum's advise). This has not been the case...this 5400RPM drive is a lot louder when operating, and it makes a loud "click" every time it goes into or comes out of the powersaving mode that cannot be turned off, and which activates itself in the middle of sustained disk writes!

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How to use with a video game9/11/2009 9:30:36 AM

Pros: To remove the two-second delay on live TV, go into regedit and search for keys titles "LivePreview" and "LiveDelay"...You should find several. Change the data from each to "1". This will eliminate almost all delay.

Cons: -

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Good, but not Great5/21/2009 3:58:56 AM

Pros: Good hardware based raid, increased speeds vs onboard & adaptec controlers (even single drives are faster with the 3Ware than with AMD790FX chipset). So far very stable.

Cons: Not compatable with port multipliers or JBOD devices. To do single-drive, it must be initialized and wiped out.

Overall Review: Even my onboard software RAID supports port multipliers! I would have bought the 8-port version (or maybe an Areca) if I knew that it had this limitation. Also, there is no fan on the chip & it seems to run a bit hot (~50C at the top of the main heatsink according to my temp probe) far no problems from this, but it does worry my enough to consider mounting a fan on it.

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Will Never Buy HighPoint Again5/4/2009 7:41:32 PM

Pros: Newegg made the RMA relatively painless.

Cons: This card failed as soon as I had moved my most important data to it. Not only did it corrupt data on the drives attached, it also destroyed data on drives attached to other RAID adapters as well as JBOD devices attached to the mainboard. It even corrupted windows to the point that I could not start in safe mode. Since removing it, the corruption has stopped, but the system is no longer as responsive and I believe it did permanent damage to my mainboard. I will never buy HighPoint again.

Overall Review: If you must buy this card, buy it from Newegg. The inevitable RMA will be much easier. Also, use it only with equipment under warrantee, as you may be replacing more than just the card. Last, back up all your data to tape or DVD, as any drive connected to the system is subject to corruption.

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Not very good, even for Microsoft4/28/2009 8:02:26 AM

Pros: The paperclip is finaly dead!

Cons: This may be the worst office yet. It has no 64-bit components, the controls are terrible, and the formating is even worse.

Overall Review: There are free office suites that work much better.

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As good as Cat6 gets4/28/2009 7:55:18 AM

Pros: Very high quaility cable with molded ends, available in most colors, and a great price.

Cons: Will not cure world hunger

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Terrible4/22/2009 6:15:39 AM

Pros: The IR blaster & media center remote both work fine.

Cons: I have spent the last 4 and a half months trying to get this worthless piece of trash to work as a DVR. It is not possible. WinTV6 crashes while recording and WinTV7 does not have a scheduler, nor does it work with the WinTV6 scheduler. The clear qam tuner does not work with directv or cable, and the ATSC tuner skips half a second every few seconds, so it does not even work with other DVR software such as Media Center and SageTV. Also, the analog tuner does not work as well as the one on my 5-year-old Hauppauge tuner. I regret the purchase, and I regret not returning it for credit while I had the chance.

Overall Review: All of my systems specs are several times the minimums listed for this card; the system plays blu-ray while playing video games without issue, but this card cannot record SDTV while the system is doing nothing else. Hauppauge support has been very nice, but they have not provided any solutions, and they keep repeating the same non-working ideas, such as repeatedly reinstalling the same driver over and over again. I think they were just stalling to keep me from returning it for credit.

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No 1.5TB Support2/13/2009 12:42:36 AM

Pros: -

Cons: This controller does not support 1.5TB drives at all, per Adaptec support. It will support four 1TB drives for a 4TB array...but it will not support 1.5TB drives at all, even in JBOD.

Overall Review: Adaptec support states that none of their hostraid based controllers support 1.5TB drives, and they have no plans to support them in the future. They also have no plans of warning customers of this fact. The documents for this series of cards implies support for 2.0TB drives, and it will not be changed. Even if you don't have 1.5TB drives, do you want to buy from a company that does business like this?

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Very low drop1/16/2009 5:27:42 AM

Pros: I am using two in a row...signal strength is the same as with no extensions at all.

Cons: Expensive, only available in one length.

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Not Worth it1/16/2009 5:25:20 AM

Pros: Gold-plated connector.

Cons: Gets the same reception as the 2 dBi Rosewill antenna that came with my WIFI adapter. Very big, about a foot long. I have tested a few other antennas with this adapter...this antenna does not even detect networks that a home-made antenna sees as 2 of 4 bars.

Overall Review: I am gonna cut it apart for the screw-in connector; that is the only possible use I see for it.

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Good1/16/2009 5:19:51 AM

Pros: I buy these every time I need jewel cases for the Verbatim discs I burn. The multiple colors make it easier to find what I am looking for.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I have been buying these for years...I have at least 800 of these cases now.

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Not Happy1/16/2009 5:17:20 AM

Pros: The analog tuner works with Vista Media Center.

Cons: Will not recieve ANY working digital channels from Bright House Cable. Maximum analog recording quality is far granier than my 2-year old AverMedia card that sold for less back then. Has two tuners, but only one can be used at a time. WinTV program detected over 2000 digital channels, but will only tune to three of them...they are in black and white with no sound, and each takes over 5 minutes to tune in (no exageration...probably closer to 10 minutes). WinTV detected analog channels 2-98, but they were all in black and white with no sound and very fuzzy; had to adjust each channel manualy...and they still look bad. Audio pickup is terrible, have to max out speakers & all volumes, and still can barely hear anything.

Overall Review: Tested with the latest Vista64 drivers & WinTV from Haupauge website. It was over 5 years since I bought Haupauge (my last experience was about the same). Unless they get bought out or buy a good company, I will never buy from them again

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GOOD STUFF1/16/2009 5:03:29 AM

Pros: Great cable; tested with a power-hungry G15-G1 Keyboard with a G5 mouse plugged into it; no problems. Also tested with USB 2.0 & PS3...also no problems.

Cons: Will not cure blindness.

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Decent Chip1/6/2009 9:10:17 PM

Pros: Ran through all burn-in tests without an issue. Over 10GHZ of processing power!!!

Cons: Some programs that claim to be multi-core only support two cores. Such programs ran a bit faster on my old Athlon 6400 dual-core.

Overall Review: AMD needs to start making faster quad cores, the chip is a good value processor, but not a powerhouse...and for some apps, it is not as fast as the old 6400...and it is the best desktop CPU they make! Anyone else remember when the 486 DX2 came out, and everyone was super-happy about 50mhz?

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Better than expected1/6/2009 8:51:55 PM

Pros: Much larger than it appears here, plenty of room for a huge 1200W power supply without blocking any drive bays. Looks nice, hard to tell it was designed to have doors. Very sturdy, even with the top & cross-bar removed. No vibration noises. Handles & rack-mount-ears are easily removed, you can also just remove the rack-mount-ears if you are using it as a PC case. Power & reset buttons have solid "Click" to them.

Cons: This case might not make the best media center; it is very deep and will not fit in most entertainment center racks. While the case is very sturdy & nice to work with, it looks a bit cheap from the outside. The paint is poorly applied, the 5.25" Drive bays are slightly slanted (less than 2 degrees of slant). There is also a ~2mm gap between the sides, tops, and bottoms of the 5.25" drives and the front will need some black foam tape to make it look good.

Overall Review: This is a great case, and worth every cent, but they should make this same case in a 5U package with 10 5.25" drive bays...that would be a super case! The bar that secures the expansion cards is poorly designed...but you don't need it anyway.

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IT WON'T DIE!!!12/17/2008 8:58:08 PM

Pros: I have been running three of these for more than two years solid. They have outlasted the WD, Samsung, & Maxtor hard drives that were in the same system, getting less abuse. They have survived a power surge that destroyed the power supply, mainboard, DVD drive, & CPU!

Cons: Raid-1 & Raid-5 seem nearly useless with reliability like this.

Overall Review: The 750GB version seems to be just as bullet-proof, can't wait to get a few of the 1.5TB version!

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Terrible12/11/2008 1:50:46 AM

Pros: None

Cons: Streets & Trips 2007 had more accurate & up-to-date maps than this. My office has been here, in the middle of the city for over 20 years...Streets and trips 2009 is the only mapping software that cannot find it (in fact, it cannot find any address on my street within 3 miles; the street addresses in the program start at around 8,000...the street starts at 100.)

Overall Review: I am not in a tiny town, I am not on a small street, not in a new part of town. My street is a 4-lane highway. Microsoft claims this is too remote to find (nevermind that it could be found by the older versions). If software can't find me, it can't find anything. They also claim it is one of the most complete map programs available...maybee one of the top 10,000 mapping softwares...but only if there are fewer than 10,000 such softwares available because THIS IS THE WORST MAP SOFTWARE EVER!!!

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Terrible Decline12/11/2008 1:23:32 AM

Pros: Cheaper & smaller than the old G15; was able to try at a retail store to feel the lower quality & avoid buying.

Cons: I have the old G15; this does not stack up. The display is not movable, so it is impossible to read from some angles (if you have a 'perfect chair' or 'zero-g chair' you can't read the display at all). Also, the cool blue lights have been replaced with orange light that hurts the eyes. Fewer function keys, but still enough to get by.

Overall Review: I have the old G15; all the cons are versus that keyboard. This is the best keyboard logitech makes...but the G15 version 1 is the best keyboard they have ever made. The G15 v1 was well worth the $100 (if you have use for the screen & the G-Keys), but this board is nowhere near being worth $80. Other than the G-Keys & usb ports, this board is no better than their $20 budget keyboards. Logitech: Bring back the blue lights & clam shell display!!! BTW: My old board still works (after about 10 gallons of soda have been dumped on it); I wanted a second one for my second PC...

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99 out of 100 eggs12/9/2008 12:04:12 AM

Pros: VERY FAST, works great with diskpart & other picky utilities. Bootable on an old HP laptop that would not boot from PNY, Patriot, or kingston.

Cons: There is a hole for a lanyard, but you should not use it. The tiny weight of a lanyard is enough to cause the card to connect and disconnect as a breeze blows accros the lanyard (I used the lanyard that comes with the PNY atache' drive).

Overall Review: Very loose in usb socket; even feels loose in the ultra-super-tight front USB ports on my case. Lanyard issue might be fixed by carefully squeezing usb plug to make it tighter. There is no lanyard included; probably because A-Data had the same problems as I did.

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Slow & Unreliable12/8/2008 11:50:36 PM

Pros: Buying this brand makes you feel patriotic (even though it is made in taiwan).

Cons: VERY SLOW; slower than class 4 microsd cards. I have two of these. The older one (about 3 years old) still works, but the newer one (about 3 months old) burned out after I used the lock feature just once.

Overall Review: No, I did not buy two of these...I bought one & got one from a friend that did not want to waist time with a 2GB card.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We apologize for the inconvenience that you have encountered. Your product has a 5 year warranty. Please contact and they can help you to get a replacement. With Regards, Guy
Updated Review12/4/2008 5:46:52 AM

Pros: Reliable, over a year on one and 18 months on another, each with 2 arrays, no errors.

Cons: NOT HARDWARE RAID - Very low-level software raid; windows sees a hardware raid card but it is not. Also, the vista64 drivers are terrible. They work from within the operating system, but you cannot install windows onto an array. Adds about 30 seconds to boot-up time, with no "fast boot" option.

Overall Review: Interesting feature: if you have two of them (I don't recomend buying one) you can access them from a single bios menu. However, you cannot make an eight-drive array. Also, I am an adaptec fanboy. For me to hate this card, you know it must be junk.

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Going Back10/28/2008 2:08:04 AM

Pros: NONE; this thing is trash.

Cons: NOT 16 GB; ONLY 11.26GB. NOT CLASS 6; ONLY DOES ~5MBPS; less than my old class 4 card did.

Overall Review: Came formated as 16GB. Constant write errors & lost pictures. Tried to format it, but EVERYTHING says that is is 11.26GB, no more. Works fine (but slow) at 11.26GB, but I payed for 16GB!!! Gonna try & rma it.

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Trash10/25/2008 9:05:05 PM

Pros: It's a few mm smaller than most DVD burners.

Cons: Does not do 2.4x DVD+R DL. No firmware available on LG website, LG SUPPORT IS TERRIBLE.

Overall Review: I bought this mostly as a Lightscribe printer; I already have a much better Plextor burner. After seeing the quality of lightscribe on this, it looks like I waisted money that I could have put toward a thermal disc printer.

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