Buggy6/13/2021 9:36:29 AM

Pros: - It switches between 4 computers

Cons: - Cannot disable mouse gesture based switching - I accidentally switch all the time - Buggy. I'm switching my second monitor. Primary monitor stays connected to my primary PC. On my primary PC, the mouse won't move to the second monitor after switching PC's a couple times. - Buggy. When switching between macs, sometimes the screen turns a strange green color. The only solution is to reboot the KVM. - The blue led is annoyingly bright - I wish the computer switch alarm was off by default or settings were persisted between restarts. Every time I reboot the device (which is often) I have to re-configure it.

Overall Review: - If you are not switching a second monitor, not using macs, and don't mind accidentally switching between computers when you don't mean to - it will work for you.

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