Worked outside of Canada11/27/2017 8:59:13 AM

Pros: Bough this for a friend and although it wasnt meant to work customer support made it work in South America.

Cons: How is location still a problem for Microsoft when we all connect to the internet from anywhere?

Overall Review: Buy it online, save the hassle of shipping

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pretty good overall board10/15/2017 11:55:59 AM

Pros: - Lots of rgb and fans headers - Heat shield for m.2 is awesome - Wifi network card has Bluetooth too - Comes with sli bridge

Cons: - Auto voltage when overclocking was very high, i suggest manual configuration for overclocking, that said It still got my 8600k to 5gh on auto voltage stable on the first try. -right and left side rgb zones are not very bright, graphics card will cover most of left side anyways -LED extender for RGB ram could not be configured separably and did the same as the board for presets (rainbow, meteor, etc)

Overall Review: -I bought this for RGB and the gigabythe aorus seems to have more lights on board, cant go wrong with this mobo though, it has a lot of RGB and fan/pump headers, wifi card is better than expected, specially because of Bluetooth. It feels very solid.

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