Not worth the money, even at "$69"2/8/2017 6:55:19 PM

Pros: They arrived in a reasonable amount of time.

Cons: Their original pricing of $349 is beyond insane, you're NOT getting a bargain buying these on sale. While the size is stated in the listing, they just aren't big enough to wear in a main piercing. Can maybe wear in a cartilage or other small piercing. The backing is not secure at all for daily usage, lost 1 earring within 72 hours.

Overall Review: The photography in the listing is deceiving since we aren't given any size reference that is easy to relate to (i.e. showing it in someone's ear.....). As other reviews have mentioned, the certificate of authenticity is a complete joke and looks like they copied it off of someone's misaligned printer. The package arrived in a flimsy envelope which made it clear that they didn't care about the condition the customer received it in. WORD TO MY FELLOW MAN: Don't buy jewelry off Newegg unless you know EXACTLY what you're getting.

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Not worth the full price11/13/2015 10:50:41 PM

Pros: Very bright. One touch game mode is cool. Thin bezel, but slightly compromised by the large monitor stand.

Cons: My video card registers the monitor as a TV panel when I plug it in using an HMDI cord and therefore does not provide the auto-adjustment feature, causing my desktop to appear much smaller than the size of the monitor. Solved this issue by changing the scaling options in my video card settings, but still quite vexing. Two months in and I found a couple dead pixel, which is absolutely absurd for a monitor that they're asking nearly $400 for. No display port connections, which I was aware of when I purchased it. Base is not that sturdy and causes the monitor to wobble profusely.

Overall Review: I had a few display issues with this panel when it first arrived which was pretty irritating, but I was able to correct them (-1 egg). Regardless of the fact that I bought this item on sale, a panel worth nearly $400 should not have any pixels burn out within the first year, let alone the first 2 months (-2 eggs). I like the brightness and the game mode feature but that does not make up for my disappointment in staring at a dead pixel on a 2 month old monitor (just out of return policy).

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