Amazing performance!7/7/2021 7:34:11 AM

Pros: - Drivers are more robust and stable than nVIDIA's 30 series drivers. - 1440p performance for high frame rate gaming is top notch. - Easily runs over 2.7GHz when on Water. - No coil whine at all.

Cons: - Current pricing

Overall Review: Best GPU I've ever owned.

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Impressed4/23/2020 8:22:07 PM

Pros: Everything.

Cons: Nothing

Overall Review: I had some extra money and was basically just looking for something to spend it on. I was browsing NewEgg when the SoundBlasterX caught my eye. My primary computer had an Asus Xonar Essence STX II sound card so I figured I'd get this card for my secondary computer. The secondary computer uses onboard sound and I just can't stand the stale sound of onboard sound. So I bought the card and then it arrived. It's nicely packaged too. I installed it and set about learning the software. I started by testing music (FLAC format 24bit 96Khz files). Wow... it produces a clear and rich sound. I tried my old Logitech Z680 speakers (5.1) as well as my Sennheiser headphones and all I can say is that this card produces sound that might even exceed my Xonar Essence STX. The RGB LED strips are a nice addition as well but I was moreso after the gaming aspects of this card. Started up Doom Eternal and the neighbor started banging on the wall (that's a good thing). Very impressed. Drivers are, despite my constant mockery of Creative drivers in the past, solid. It works. No crashes, nothing bad at all. I can't find something negative to say. A+ Creative. Who knew I'd enjoy a new sound card like this in 2020.

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Beautiful Computer Case12/6/2019 9:37:03 PM

Pros: - Plenty of room for several radiators - Well constructed with Tempered Glass and Aluminum - Back compartment makes it easy to manage cables

Cons: - Expensive

Overall Review: I definitely recommend this case to anyone interested in watercooling.

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Easy to Setup9/24/2019 2:52:20 PM

Pros: - Works with a Gigabyte AORUS X470 Ultra Gaming Motherboard

Cons: - None

Overall Review: - It's a cable and does what it is supposed to do.

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