Money and Time Down the Toilet....11/11/2018 7:39:00 AM

Pros: The USB 3.0 part worked for a few minutes, then nothing.

Cons: Tried it in another completely different computer. DOA. The main Con is that I could not give it Zero Eggs.

Overall Review: Maybe I just got unlucky with the one that I received. I don't have the time to mess around with a replacement as I have solved my problem in other ways. Send me a refund if you are nice.

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Great Product! Fast Delivery! Good Price!2/7/2018 7:01:25 PM

Pros: Works great with my andoid phone.

Cons: Had to reboot Chromecast, android phone, and router a couple of times to syncronize after setup. Works just fine now.

Overall Review: From what I hear, Sonos Sound System has extremely better sound quality. However, given the price difference there was no contest. The Chromecast Audio sounds just great for me, as I am not a perfectionist. Chromecast sound just fine to me!

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Great Laptop for the Money!5/26/2015 8:28:22 PM

Pros: When I bought the laptop I was not sure exactly of the configuration of the drives. It came with an SSD card and a hard drive inside. The operating system comes installed on the 120G SSD Card and the 1T hard drive is empty. The pleasant surprised by the multipurpose bay in the front of the unit. It ships with a plug in optical drive and a plug in rack that a 2.5 drive either hard or SSD is inserted into and then into the front of the laptop. Nice, for RAID 0 if you want too.

Cons: The unit I got has a very slight ripple in the keyboard upper left. I thought about gluing it down at the seam, but decided against it as I would probably mess it up or worse. Anyway it does not bother me at all when I type. Also, I did not notice it until I had modified the Laptop, so the warranty was already voided. Really not enough to send it back.

Overall Review: I removed the hard drive and replaced it with a Samsung 850 Pro SSD 256G and then installed Windows 8.1 64 bit as my main drive. The main drive also boots Ubuntu Linux 64 bit 12.04. I then installed Windows 10 on the 120G SSD Card. All works great. Just a note, if you remove the bottom panel to swap the hard drive with an SSD, be very careful. When you lift the panel there are two wires that if you lift more than an inch or two you will pull them off! The wires are for the speaker and battery. The only way that I could get to the last screw for the hard drive so as to remove it, was to very carefully unsecure the wire for the battery. What I mean is to untuck it not unplug it, as it is tucked around the battery. That gave me just barely enough wire so I could rotate the back panel just enough to get to the last screw on the hard drive hold down bracket.

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Sweet10/23/2013 9:55:55 AM

Pros: Looks great. Is fast. Nice picture.

Cons: The built in speakers work fine. However, if you want volume and quality use external speakers. The menu buttons are not easy to use. I keep pressing the wrong ones.

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Does it Job10/23/2013 9:50:51 AM

Pros: Works really great.

Cons: Durability. Probably would not last in shop work or someone who would change drives a lot.

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Ten Times Faster!8/26/2013 5:06:57 PM

Pros: Easy installation. My backups to a NAS took hours. Now they take 30 minutes!

Cons: Does not seem to work with Linux. Had to remove this product to use Linux. However, I have not really looked for a Linux driver or spent any time to get it to work with Linux. So, I still gave it 5 stars.

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