Great Overclocker3/20/2006 1:13:34 PM

Pros: No complaints Exclent processor over clocked it to 2.57ghz i proly could have gone higher but i figured whats the point runs relitivly cool

Cons: none except that its not the FX60 Dual Core

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Ehhh12/12/2005 6:39:16 PM

Pros: The lights are awsome that was the first reason i bought it second its huge and the ajustable light is cool

Cons: My mouse does not always track right it kinda skips i thought it would be a soft pad i mean it is called flexiglow its complety stiff and i just got it and i can tell the light is not up to full because every so often it gets super bright for a milisecond i wish it went all the way

Overall Review: its really good and a huge step up from my last one i would buy it again Newegg rocks

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Awsome12/12/2005 6:31:52 PM

Pros: Awsomely bright so bright it makes a orange fan in my psu look blue no joke it really does love the sound part and thermal take lets you ajust practally every product they make and this is no exception the two sided sticky tape is great for the modulator

Cons: the sound is really sensitive or not enough there is a happy medium but its hard to find

Overall Review: its really my fault but i thought it was 15 inches but its olny 12 so beware and N3w3gg r0cks

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This baby owns10/14/2005 6:20:05 PM

Comments: Love this processer runs all my games with no problem idles ath like 30 31c this one is for tyler if you ever check back i use a program called Everest tells the cpu tem and a bunch of other things makes it easy so you dont have to go into the bios i also have an enermax fan speed controller wich moniters four differnt temps and displays two olny thing is i forgot to put the sensor on before the cpu fan and heatsink lol i was to lazy to redo it so i just stuck it as close as possible :) newegg rocks !!!

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an Air Conditioner couldnt do better9/25/2005 8:08:11 AM

Comments: this fan matched with some artic silver five dropped my idle temp from like 85-87f to like 77-79f thats almos 10 degrees o yah thats not even half speed this thing is great only thing is i was suppost to get a newegg sticker with it but didnt :( owhell NEWEGG still ROCKS out loud

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Great Fan9/25/2005 8:00:32 AM

Comments: This fan is awsome at full blast it moves more air then my 120mm fan i hooked it up to and enermax fan controller works like a charm im gonna be buying 2 of the 120mm versions next and NEWEGG ROCKS

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Awsome Controller9/25/2005 7:53:48 AM

Comments: If this thing was any easier to install they would have come to my house and did if for me this is for anyone looking for a cool little add on and to monitor fan speeds and temps exellent product accurate temps Awsome NEWEGG ROCKS

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Perfect9/25/2005 7:47:18 AM

Comments: I ordered this light because it was the perfect length but its also really bright it makes my fan leds look dim as another review said easy to install took like five minuts or less anyone can do it olny thing is i dont really know how to make the sound thing to work im kinnda new at this lol NEWEGG ROCKS

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The Best9/22/2005 8:09:43 AM

Comments: This is defenitly the best key board and mouse i have ever used the mouse tracks perfectly i love the larger backspace button instead of that retarted little one but most of all it feels good in your hands lastly NEWEGG OWNES

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Cool LED's9/8/2005 7:09:43 PM

Comments: Great sound i can feel the sub through the room and it shakes my desk the leds are a cool tuch and as always NEWEGG ROCKS the olny web site i got to :)

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Its Huge9/8/2005 6:58:50 PM

Comments: I love this thing didnt realize it was as big as it is 11x drive bays both 120mm fans move tons of air and dont for get the 2 90mm fans and the tray is cool olny thing is the doors squeak

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