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Awesome backup memory for MacBook Air6/2/2020 6:15:10 AM

Pros: Tiny Fast Lots of cost effective space

Cons: I don't understand people saying it is too small...that's the whole point!!!

Overall Review: Perfect so far for my purposes. I wanted a thumb drive so small that I could leave it in my Macbook Air as another drive to backup folders, images, projects, etc. It has been in my computer for almost a month now, and it is really nice. It doesn't snag on my carrying cases, and it remains solidly in place. Total success!

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BEWARE! Pass on this one...12/3/2014 4:32:50 PM

Pros: Great idea.

Cons: I installed this on my father's computer, updated the database, and all was set. The next day, my dad complained about his computer being slow. By the time I got to it the next day, there were 6 'explorer.exe' viruses hogging up the CPU, so doing anything was slow and frustrating. By the next day, it had (and still does at the time of writing this 4 days later) a nasty virus on it where a popup would prevent me from opening any browser. The popup explained that I would need to pay them for antivirus to clean the computer. It also prevented the task manager from working, so I could not shut down individual processes. Starting in safe mode allowed some activity, but I could not download what I needed to remove the virus. So now I will need to pay to get it removed (I am a moderate user with decent but not advanced virus removal skills). This software was worse than will probably cost me $100 and hours of my time to undo the damage. I'm going back to ESET or Kaspersky as I have never had a problem with them. By the way, Newegg said that since I used it, I cannot return it, so now I'm out that $ also!

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