TC-CARRIER Cable - latest version is awsome6/7/2017 2:50:19 PM

Pros: Double shielded with cross-talk divider; Smooth PE insulation and spool makes pulling cable easier; Feels more substantial than other brands; Quality cable for the price

Cons: Not sure about UL Listing and if you can do direct burial installs (nothing in their literature).

Overall Review: Even though it's double boxed for shipping, It's a 50/50 chance to get it delivered in good shape without having the plastic spool damaged in some way. I'll have to wait to see how well it weathers over the seasons, but for the last 6 months it appears to be holding up. This is shielded cable, so if you want ESD protection, you must use shielded jacks that are properly terminated and grounded. i suggest using their Tough-Jacks and their ETH-SP Ethernet Surge Protectors (on both ends) and properly ground them to provide surge protection. Go to Youtube and search for "ubiquiti gounding" for more help.

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Quailty Case5/8/2017 2:30:10 PM

Pros: Perfect for mATX motherboard; hard drive bay swivels out for each access; soft-touch power button; quality steel case (like they used to make years ago). Quiet power supply

Cons: None really

Overall Review: Perfect for a small business server with space for up to 4 hard drives. Make sure you choose the model with the size power supply you need. 300w is enough for a entry level servers with a couple of hard drives and a single Xeon CPU motherboard. Iv'e built over a dozen servers with this case - I'm happy with the quality and hope they continue to offer this model in the future.

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Update12/8/2014 3:55:24 PM

Pros: This is an update to my previous review to help clarify some points. 1st point: This system comes with two SATA ports and two mini PCie slots. The mPCie slots are stacked, one on top of each other. However the top slot accepts 50.8mm standard size mSATA SSD drives, while the bottom port is half size (26.8mm). I haven't tried installing a half size SSD drive yet in the bottom slot, but at some point I'll test it too. However the top slot (50.8mm) works perfectly with mSATA SSD's. After optimization I have a 7 second boot time from BIOS to Windows desktop. 3 second shutdown. You MUST go in to the BIOS and change the boot drive to "mSATA". to get the SSD to boot from the mSata slot. Point 2: You can have both an mSATA drive and SATA drive installed at the same time. I tested this by first installing a mSATA drive, installing Windows 8.1, and then installing a standard 2.5" SATA spinning drive attached with the cables that come with the system. There are 2 SATA ports so I suspect that you can install a 2nd spinning drive also, but you will need a SATA power splitter. I guess you could always use the 2nd drive for file storage and swap file space, but if you install 8GB or more RAM the swap file space will likely not be needed at all. I keep 1024 as standard swap file space, turn off hibernation, turn off indexing. Make sure that Windows detects your SSD drive as SSD and if not manually run "WinSat formal" from the command line to enable Win 8.1 optimization. Defrag will then only run the TRIM command and not the full drefrag services on the SSD each week. Be sure to use a low power (65 watt or under) CPU. If you have any questions, just ask

Cons: Do not cover the vent holes in the top or this system will overheat.

Overall Review: I hope that Shuttle continues to improve this system as it is a perfect size and well constructed.

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Nice but needs some updates1/28/2014 8:14:14 PM

Pros: 1) Front panel is easy to remove and re-attach 2) All folded edges inside 3) Enough room for a standard build 4) USB ports on top 5) Not Bad looking (not great either) 6) Handle on Top is GREAT!

Cons: 1) USB Ports on top are USB2 only. 2) Clunky On-Off button (soft-touch electronic button would be nice) 3) Just a little light on the metal thickness - needs to be a little thicker - the side panels flex too easy - makes it seem a little cheap. 4) Power On LED is soft pale green - needs to be a just a touch brighter (but not like the retina burning blue LED's on some cases)

Overall Review: After my first build with this case, I'm general happy. Ordered 3 more.

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Answers from Syba Tech Support10/30/2013 6:01:14 PM

Pros: Syba Tech Support emailed installation instructions that were a little more clear than what was included in the box. 1) You must clear the RAID before installing the card - this clears the state of the card (OFF OFF ON) 2) In RAID mode, both drives must be empty. If they are not, the card will wipe both drives clean, erasing everything on both drives. Backup your data first! 3) Port HDD1 is for the primary drive; Port HDD2 is for the secondary drive. Here is the link to Syba documentation:

Cons: .

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Windows 8 Core is Great10/30/2013 6:24:51 AM

Pros: Easy to install Lots of drivers built-in Native USB3 support 8.1 now supports SATA AICH built-in Boots Fast Haven't had any crashes or BSOD yet

Cons: Same complaints as everyone else, mostly the missing start menu. Windows 8 GUI is not suited well for a desktop or non-touch screen Finding your way around with a mouse is annoying with the new GUI

Overall Review: Ok, like everyone else, using 8 or 8.1 on the desktop is really painful to get used to especially if like me you have to jump from Windows XP or 7 computers then back to 8 throughout the day. BUT you can easily make Win 8 look like previous versions by installing a shell program such as "Classic Shell". This makes life a lot easier. I like WIndows 8, not because of the interface, but because it really has improved in many ways.

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Sweet Router/AP3/23/2013 10:25:18 AM

Pros: I've installed more than 30 of these boxes, mostly as wireless access points with nice results. No real problems yet. Occassional restarts needed, but not much. With DDWRT, box is very stable. See Other thoughts

Cons: Stock Firmware is nasty and dumbed-down.. Not POE, but for this price how can you go wrong? Not 300Mbs, but for $29 who really cares. Single Pole antenna and is not removable (FCC reg?)

Overall Review: For this price, this is a really nice router. Be sure to flash the firmware to DDWRT and you will be glad you did. Lots of features and open source support. Go to and search for the model. Be sure to read-up on the documentation first. Resetting the router will not take it back to it's original firmware - it only wipes out the DDWRT settings. Be sure to change the password. If you already have a router and want to use these as Access Points (AP), you need to understand the difference between AP and Routers. If you plan to use it as an AP on your same ethernet segment, plug your LAN cable in to one of the LAN ports not the WAN port and manually set the gateway and DNS settings in the firmware. You can program the watchdog timeout to automatically restart the box if it can't reach an IP address on scheduled times. Can't wait for the next version of DDWRT! You can modify the power settings but haven't had the courage to change it yet (burn-out possible).

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Just Ok12/15/2011 6:59:21 PM

Pros: Let it be said, that for the most part, Lian Li has the best manufactured cased in the industry. 1) It has an easy to install bottom power supply access 2) Folded edges 3) Very high quality brushed aluminum finish. 4) Very quiet, dual front 120mm fans and an extra top mounted one too 5) Thick front panel aluminum bezel that is easily removed. 6) Also has removable metal screen mesh filters for easy cleaning (even one for the power supply) 7) 2.5" SSD mount (look carefully to find it)

Cons: There are so many little problems with this case: 1) Thin side panels -Lian Li, your hurting your good name to save a buck! 2) Front bezel uses plastic retaining clips that I had to super glue in place to keep from falling out 3) Bezel slot covers are so thin and don't have any screw-mount holes. They move around and fall out easily (hot glued them in place) 4) Side panels rattle when touched 5) Only one top mounted USB3 port, the other is USB2. 6) No real cable management. Distance between the side panel and motherboard tray is too thin to run thicker cables. Have to get creative. 7) Hard drive mounting cages not like other Lian Li cases - you have to remove the cage to fasten the drives down. 8) Loud, cheap, cluncky, old style On/Off switch that reminds me of the cheapest PC cases. What happened to the nice soft click switches that Lian Li uses in other models??

Overall Review: Use a modular power supply so you don't clutter your case insides with unused cables. This case it not to the standard of other Lian Li cases. If they fixed these problems this would be an perfect mATX case, but I fear that Lian Li is trying to save a few bucks by going thin on the side panels, and using cheap on/off switches. Not a good trend. My build took about 30 minutes longer than normal, and when assembling 10 computers per day for my company, this adds up to several hours of wasted time. But if your willing to over-look some problems and have plenty of time, this case will work just fine. I recommend aluminum case over steel, especially for the fit and finish.

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Amazing5/4/2010 7:31:23 PM

Pros: You have to see it to believe. Cloned from my old boot drive to this SSD in less than 5 minutes (1600MB per minute!!). Win 7 boots in under 15 seconds to desktop; can use it in 20 seconds flat. Tested with ATTO and I get a 210MBs Read, 190MBs write.

Cons: Only 30GB and with Win 7 taking up about 8GB, doesn't give my much space for anything else.

Overall Review: With Win 7 and firmware v 1.5, TRIM and garbage collection is supported (mine shipped with 1.5 - no need to update). Other than turning off Defrag in Scheduled Tasks, no other tweaks really needed. I know this is a MLC drive but for the speed performance boost you get, it's well worth the $129 bucks. Will install a 2nd HDD for just for storage and use the SSD for booting only. Can't wait for the storage/price ratio to come down so I can toss all my HDD's out the window!

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