Absolute Perfection9/10/2020 6:29:07 PM

Pros: -Set up is seamless - RGB is vibrant, smooth, and unique -Very Quiet even under max rpm -Cable management is incredible

Cons: - none really, i just should've gotten more

Overall Review: Lucky enough to get these at the pre order special. Absolutely love these fans. Setting them up is a breeze, i only used 4 screws because they all lock in together, which is very firm, doesnt bend or anything. Cable management is what i believe the selling point, all 3 connected fans are using just 2 cables (1pwm, 1 rgb) to control all of them which is incredible. Made cable management incredible. Every other case fan manufacturer has to either follow what Lian Li has done here, or try to perfect what they did, because I can go back to handling multiple cables per fan. The RGB is very unique but very nice. In my build, it accents it really well and goes with the darker scheme im going for. The L Connect software gives you everything you need, and nothing more, which is great because its straight to the point. You will have fun customizing the possible combinations. The way the colors move is so smooth, and it also shows on the sides of the fans (if your case can show it) which still shows the same level of brightness, it doesnt bleed faintly like others. Overall, you cannot go wrong, the price is very competitive, and what you get are the easiest RGB fans you can set up. LIAN LI if you see this, kudos my friends, this has to be one of the best products releases this year.Hook a brother up.

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