Great Cooler8/23/2012 11:22:10 AM

Pros: This cooler is amazing, I overclocked my Phenom II x4 965 BE to 4.0ghz and this cooler keeps it under 60C under Prime95 load (12hr). It fits inside a Zalman z11 Plus case and has just enough clearance to fit the Kingston Hyper x Ram modules that I put into the system. Also, if your case doesn't have enough room to fit the cooler (1/2in), there is an option to unscrew the plastic faceplate on top of the cooler to give you enough clearance to fit your side panel back into place (did not have to do that though for the Zalman Z11 case i bought)

Cons: Gave me a scare that it might not fit in my case, but just had enough space to fit it in.

Overall Review: Spec: M5a99x Evo Asus Phenom II x4 965 BE XFX R7770 HD Kingston Hyper X 8gb 1600 CX600 PSU WD Blue 500gb HD Zalman Z11 Plus

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