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Here's the important info you need

ECS GeForce 8800 GT 512MB GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 SLI Support Video Card N8800GT-512MX+
ECS GeForce 8800 GT 512MB GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 SLI Support Video Card N8800GT-512MX+

Pros: From the top edge of the bracket (where you screw it down to your case) to the tallest black edge of the cooler is 1.75 inches.

Cons: Maybe somewhere buried on the 'net is this same info, but it would be nice if it were clearly listed by the ECS or Newegg (not really blaming Newegg though). If this height info was more readily available, I'm sure people could tell right away if this item was going to fit in their case or not.

Overall Review: Newegg is awesome. I had this card for 12 hours and RMA'ed it. Got a complete refund (even the 15% restock fee). Didn't even take it out of the anti-static bag because I could tell right away it wasn't going to fit. You can partially see through those anti-static bags and it was easy to measure the additional 1.75 inch height requirement. The pictures don't give you this info and I'm sure this card would have been awesome if the cooler was not as tall. I was sorry I had to return it.

Does the job a cable should

C2G 19529 Cat5e Cable - Snagless Unshielded Ethernet Network Patch Cable, White (14 Feet, 4.26 Meters)
C2G 19529 Cat5e Cable - Snagless Unshielded Ethernet Network Patch Cable, White (14 Feet, 4.26 Meters)

Pros: The only 14ft Cat5 cable on NewEgg where it seems they actually specify the RJ45 has 50 micron gold-plating on it. May seem like a dumb thing to look for, but compared to the other cables where some people had issues over time or out of the box, I didn't have the luxury to return back to where this cable was installed. Gold does not oxidize and cause a connector to become intermittent. Would rather spend the extra $3 for piece of mind in with a 50 micron gold-plated RJ-45 than none at all.

Cons: Typically runs $3 more than competitive cables. Can only conclude its due to the 50 micron gold-plated RJ-45 but I never bought the other cheaper cables to compare it to.

Overall Review: If you've got a remote installation in other town, state, etc. and you don't want to worry about a bad Cat5 cable, does an extra $3 really seem like a big deal when you can't even buy a gallon of gas for $3?


Electrically 1ft connector-tip to connector-tip

Link Depot C6M-1-BKB 1 ft. Cat 6 Black Network Cable
Link Depot C6M-1-BKB 1 ft. Cat 6 Black Network Cable

Pros: Works as you'd expect. Short Cat 6 cable for network equipment in close proximity. Contacts appear to be gold plated but of course the actual amount of gold deposited (e.g. thickness) will not be specified anywhere.

Cons: So as others have pointed out, it is actually 9 inches. That is basically the length of cable exposed past the boot on each end. So in reality your two pieces of network gear need to take that account, especially if their ports are not facing each other. If the ports you're trying to connect face the same direction, they'll likely need to be only 8" apart unless you want to really see how much you can strain that boot to curve 90-degrees with the cable.

Overall Review: So yeah - electrically from gold contact on one end to the gold contact on the other end, it is 1ft. I don't buy UTP cables often but you have to wonder is Link Depot the only company that measures its cables this way, or do all the manufacturers follow this ploy?

It's memory - does what it's supposed to

Kingston ValueRAM 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model KVR667D2N5K2/2G
Kingston ValueRAM 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model KVR667D2N5K2/2G

Pros: Installed in a Dell GX280 P4 3.2GHz which came with flakey and slow Samsung PC2-3200 DDR2. Not sure why the person who refurbed this GX280 cheaped out memory but the system kept crashing unpredictably. Put the Kingston's in, problem solved.

Cons: None - it's memory and works reliably like it should

Fast and quick switching

IOGEAR GCS72U 2-Port USB Cable KVM Switch with Audio
IOGEAR GCS72U 2-Port USB Cable KVM Switch with Audio

Pros: Switches between sources in just a little over 1 second. Does not need any external power source as it is USB powered. Does not appear to matter what kind of operating system the two computer systems may be running (I'm toggling between a WinXP laptop and a piece of test gear that runs embedded Linux which only requires a USB mouse and an external VGA display for easier visibility) Easy to use dedicated button to toggle between sources (this was important because I don't need keyboard control over the test equipment since I am using a PS/2 keyboard directly into the laptop docking station, not the KVM) Compact and small, LED's tell you which port is active (doesn't help me much because I have it hidden under a desk). Video quality is virtually unchanged running at 1440x900 from the laptop and 640x480 from the test equipment

Cons: Single jacketed cable contains all video, 2x USB and audio signals for each system. Make the cable thicker than necessary especially if you aren't using a certain feature (like the audio in my case). Otherwise, single jacketed cable does make the install neater, just need to be creative to tie back unused audio cables. If both computer sources are powered off (or in standby / hibernate), there is no USB power going to the KVM. Thus when either of the computer sources is turned in, the KVM button must be pressed once to "awaken" it to select the active video source even though the USB power to power the KVM is already coming from that source. Otherwise the display will remain blank and the mouser inoperative.

Overall Review: I do a lot of installations of various things so I have double sided foam tape on hand. Most people don't. Would probably not cost too much to at least include some double sided foam tab to stick the box and the remote button somewhere as needed. Because the KVM adds some finite electrical delay to the video signal, you will likely need to adjust the image on your monitor. I did an auto adjust and noticed the pixel clock did not change but the phase setting did. The display sharpened up exactly to the way it was before the KVM was installed inline. This is normal and would occur even if you were just adding an extension cable to a VGA monitor.

Does exactly what it should

SONY RM-VLZ620 Universal Infrared Remote Control
SONY RM-VLZ620 Universal Infrared Remote Control

Pros: Good key placement. Nice oversized Volume and Channel buttons which are the most frequently pressed buttons anyway. Has every single key feature needed to operate practically all DVR functions. Has typical feature where volume control can be forced to address your AVR even though the SAT, DVD or BD device may be currently selected. Thus in instances where you don't want the volume control to change the level in the SAT, you can force it to direct the AVR volume level. Fantastic feature to allow AVR inputs to be switched when an individual device button is selected prior to operating the device itself. Such as when you are currently watching SAT but want to switch to BluRay, you have to hit the BD button anyway in order to issue the Play, Skip, Pause, buttons anyway. Well when you hit the BD button at the beginning, it simultaneously tells your AVR to switch the inputs from SAT to BD so that is one less step to deal with.

Cons: Command macro sequencer seems to always end up with the AMP device selected even though that is not the last item addressed in the macro. Even though one of my system macros is TV->Pwr/Amp->Pwr/Sat->Pwr in order that the last selected device is SAT, the remote still winds up having AMP selected. This is just slightly annoying as one would hope the last device selected in the macro is kept active since that is the device you intend to control manually (e.g. SAT for Channel, Guide, etc. ... or DVD for Play, Eject etc.)

Overall Review: Keypads not backlit but I knew that before I bought it. Not really a Con for me since I don't watch in complete darkness but could be an issue for some.

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Fast shipping from Calif

Ordered a hard to locate ATP Industrial SLC flash card and the items arrived within 2 days of placing the order with NewEgg. Items appeared brand new and when I attempted to use them, it was obvious they had never been formatted so that made them even more likely to have never been used. Very pleased with this seller and would gladly purchase from again in the future.

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