Pretty Decent overall - little issues5/19/2011 8:11:50 AM

Pros: Works with the iMac, plays blu-rays, software included to play movies, rips CDs (most of the time), fast ripping when it can read disc well enough

Cons: Sometimes a CD that is a little scratched fails to rip when the drive in the iMac works fine with same CD - seems to be a little sensitive to some well worn media

Overall Review: Plugged into an external bay via USB 2.0, this thing plays movies just fine - I don't mind the older software as it works for what I want it to Blu-rays

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Great for the new iMac5/15/2011 5:15:46 PM

Pros: Plugged it in and it worked perfectly! Not much more can be asked! Pops in easily and system recognized it on initial set-up - I'm pleased, especially since I saved a boatload over Apple's upgrade options.

Cons: None at this time - the box came a little dinged up but that was because free shipping was via US Mail and in a lightly padded envelope - could do a little better Newegg!!

Overall Review: 2011 imac 27" - 3.4GHz i7 Sandy Bridge - 12GB Ram (including this 8GB of G.skill) - 6970M 2GB GDDR5 - 2TB Seagate HDD

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I love my STAPLER12/5/2010 3:27:20 PM

Pros: This is the best stapler....EVER! It works so good that when my boss tried to take it away from me, I kept it and hid it. My boss didn't like that too much and kept moving my office location from place to place until I wound up in the basement.

Cons: My boss wanted it back...I wouldn't give it back to him.

Overall Review: I showed them how much I love my I'm sitting on a beach drinking Mai Tais

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Great drive - even better price2/5/2009 1:40:25 PM

Pros: I bought this back in August for $119 - great price now! Installed in a 60GB PS3 without issue - works flawlessly and hasn't had a single hiccup.

Cons: the price I paid nearly 6 months ago compared to now :(

Overall Review: Don't think, do it - PS3 upgrade approved! Just be careful with those screws - stanley has a tool kit that serves this purpose perfectly for under $8 - you are going to buy the HD and take apart the PS3, get the right tools at your local everything-mart.

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Moves the air very nicely!3/5/2008 8:43:20 PM

Pros: Wow, these things move the air! I put 4 of these in my Coolermaster CM690 case (2 on the side, 2 on top) and hooked them up to a Zalman fan controller and it is perfect!

Cons: All 4 are a little loud (think server like) when running at full bore but I on'y do that when I am OC'd on my Q6600 and folding.

Overall Review: A fan controller is really a must with these. It allows you to speed them up or down and control them (if running more than 2) in numerous combinations to allow you to reduce the noise or crank it up for max cooling. If you are air cooling, these are almost essential. Total of 7 fans in my case and these are moving cool air compared the the 2-120mm and the 1-80mm (plus PS fan and CPU fan)

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Very nice, OCs very nicely11/11/2007 7:29:45 PM

Pros: built the PC using this board and a Q6600 Quad Core in a CM690 with 4GB of Crucial Balistix DDR2-800 - fit in the case nicely with no clearance issues - on first OC attempt, worked well (just be sure to disable that CIE setting to keep the multiplier up)

Cons: the wi-fi is more annoying that useful for me - I don't know if it is vista or the wireless application but it wouldn't hold my preferred network when it did connect

Overall Review: AI Suite is OK, better working your OC'ing through BIOS if you know how (or can read up on it) - the update program is good but the site never seems to have a valid file, you need to download the new bios version and look for it through this program

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Awesome processor11/11/2007 7:12:04 PM

Pros: Very nice - installed with Asus P5K-E and dumped the stock cooler in place of AC Freezer pro - oc'd on 1st attempt to 3.01 GHZ just by bumping the bus speed to 333 - ran like a champ just a little hot on air cooling

Cons: none

Overall Review: not many things out there take advantage of the 4 cores...if I were to do it again, I would probably do the 6750 dual core and save close to a c-note and wait until there are more processes that take advantage of 4 cores

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nice but....11/11/2007 7:00:39 PM

Pros: It is heavy and well built, keys are responsive and full sized

Cons: if you are used to keys that are full height, this keyboard may not be right for you. I am typing on this now and have had a bunch of mis-spellings from the keys being nearly flat

Overall Review: OEM = no software - keys are very much like a laptop keyboard + num pad, not good for a desk with a wrist rest (sits too low)

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Great PSU10/27/2007 9:06:39 AM

Pros: Installed into a CM690 with a bunch of other goodies and it works great

Cons: none at this time

Overall Review: ASUS P5K-E/Wifi / Intel Q6600 / AC Pro Freezer 7 / 4-1GB Crucial Ballistix / PNY GeForce 8600 GT / CM Real Power Pro (650W) / 2 DVD Burners / 1 500 GB HD - no power issues

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Excellent case with 1 little thing10/27/2007 9:04:34 AM

Pros: Nice case - solidly built and very tight. Only sharp edges were the little points on the knock-outs for the CD/DVD drives. All connections and spacing worked out perfectly except one (see cons).

Cons: only 1 little thing - the Power LED connector is 2 pins close together (like || ). My motherboard (ASUS P5K-e/Wifi) leaves a space between these pins for a | | connection. Had to leave it disconnected until I find a work around.

Overall Review: ASUS P5K-E/Wifi / Intel Q6600 / AC Pro Freezer 7 / 4-1GB Crucial Ballistix / PNY GeForce 8600 GT / CM Real Power Pro (650W) / 2 DVD Burners / 1 500 GB HD - all fit perfectly with no clearance issues. Aside from my being very careful with the install, things went very quick.

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Good RAM10/27/2007 8:57:52 AM

Pros: Arrived without issues - all sticks worked without a single error or issue

Cons: When installing 4-1GB sticks, my vista score went down from 5.7 on 2-1GB to 5.4...officially the weak point of my system on stock settings

Overall Review: Install 2-1GB on Vista and then do all your updates including drivers. Get your score and then install your extra 2 sticks to get you to 3.25 GB (on 32-bit version). If you want to tempt it, run your score again but your PC may actually be a hair slower

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Picked this up for my new build10/22/2007 11:37:11 AM

Pros: I picked this up for my new PC build and was a little leery about getting an item that wasn't reviewed. So far, I am happy with my decision. After placing my order, I have done some more research and found that this carries 1 yr warranty and an additional 2 years when you register with PNY. Price after rebate was very nice!

Cons: none at this time

Overall Review: Put into my build of: Asus P5K-E, Intel Q6600, Crucial Ballistix (4GB), Coolermaster CM690 case, 650W Coolermaster Real Power pro PSU, 2 SATA DVD burners (Lite-on and Samsung), 500GB Samsung SATA HD, LG 20" WS monitor This machine will get me up to date from my current 5 yr old set-up that has me struggling to run games (P4 2.4 (no HT) with 1GB ram and ATI All-in-wonder). Will follow-up after machine is built and broken in.

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Good Camera but...8/7/2006 12:59:10 PM

Pros: Nice camera, AA batteries is nice over proprietary rechargable. Image quality is good once you set it up right. Zoom is nice and sharp. LCD is big and bright, nice camera for the $$$

Cons: The camera comes defaulted with picture settings to not the highest grade. When you take a picture and view it, it looks pixelated and not sharpe until you set it to super fine. Shakey hand symbol appears all the time when I hold the thing like a rock.

Overall Review: Maybe it's me being spoiled going from a Canon 20D which absolutely is the best camera I have ever used (but is too bulky to take everywhere) and a Canon S45 (which my wife was kind enough to drop on the cement in WDW!), this camera doesn't seem to be as sharp. I have yet to really work with it and hope get some better pics as I monkey with it more.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
You get what you pay for...1/20/2006 6:46:03 PM

Pros: It's good for it's low price if you don't mind it wearing out within 1 year of use.

Cons: Cheaply made with all plastic bearings. It gets noisy and doesn't push air and dies on you in less than a year of pretty constant use.

Overall Review: I bought this to help evacuate eat away from my new video card. It worked for a while but then got noisy and was not moving air. You get what you pay for - always remember that!

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used it practically and still impressed12/16/2005 6:49:38 PM

Pros: After only having the card for a day, I put a review up but didn't get to use the card in practical purposes. I now have had the card for a few weeks and used it on a vacation. The card was more than enough for a week in the Caribbean on a cruise. I took over 1100 pictures with a 8.2 MP camera and still had over 100 left.

Cons: The only issue I've had is the write speed isn't as good as my RiDATA 80x card. But I wasn't shooting high action so I wasn't worried about that.

Overall Review: All in all, great card and great value for the $$$

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
TomTom Works good BUT...12/16/2005 6:33:45 PM

Pros: The product has not failed to point me in the proper direction whenever I have added the detination where I was headed. If I made a change in course, it re-adjusted instantly and led me in the rigt direction.

Cons: The negatives are: 1 - some streets that are 3 years old are missing, others show them leading into the wrong entrance (for example, my street is not accessible from the major roads without hitting other streets 1st but the TomTom tells me to turn into a DelDot service yard to get to my street) 2 - the route TomTom takes you on isn't always the quickest way to go. It might be the shortest, but not the quickest. 3 - the screen is a little on the small side (but no smaller than a Magellan Roadmate) but it makes it difficult to punch in things sometimes. 4 - the suction mount stinks in the cold(20 degrees or colder)

Overall Review: All in all, it's a nice little unit. I would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone.

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Great Card, Great Price!11/29/2005 6:49:40 PM

Pros: Just got this CF MicroDrive today and I'm impressed. Packaging was awesome as always (thanks NewEgg!!) and arrived timely (ordered T-giving). I put the drive in my Canon 20D and did a quick format. After completed, 5.6 GB of usable space and the camera shows 999 pictures to go. During high speed shooting, I got about 32 pics continuous before the buffer was filled, just slightly less than my RiDATA 80X Pro. All in all, for the money this is more than enough card for my photography needs, especially while away on vacation and without someplace to store my 8.1 MP pics and having to go back and delete pics in order to take more. I'm happy!!

Cons: A little slower than a 80X Pro card, but I wasn't expecting it to be as fast. I was looking for space and this has exactly that.

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1/2/2005 6:41:02 PM

Comments: The pictures don't do this case justice. If you are looking for a mod case for you LAN parties, then this is a good deal if you aren't too handy with a Dremel! The LEDs are nice and bright and the set-up allows for good airflow. The screw-less drive mounting is nice if you swap out drives frequently but I'm not so sure how it will hold up if you transport the machine frequently. When you mount your optical drives, you do have to take the front of the case off to get down to the metal, a little tricky and easy to break if you try to force it but with needlenose pliers and a little patience, it will come right off (leave it off until you are completly finished as removing it without drives is tight enough!) While you have the cover off, replace that 80mm fan up front with a 120mm. Also, look into getting a 120mm for the back and perhaps a slim 80mm for behind the HDDs. I tricked mine out with UV reactive blue LED fans, UV reactive round IDE & floppy cables and black-light Cold Cathode tubes and it looks phat. Don't hesitate, this is a decent case!

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Great connectivity and great price!12/17/2004 9:31:39 AM

Comments: I bought one of these to upgrade my non-wireless router after buying a laptop. I can use my laptop throughout the house with no <font>d</font>rop-outs (once I positioned the antenna just right) and even on the good setting (worst I have gotten inside) it still connects and has enough throughput to stream high quality movies from the base server to the laptop. I get near hard-wired throughputs connecting in 802.11g mode when signal is excellent. Great router!!

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