Portable heaven12/31/2007 3:10:56 AM

Pros: Incredibly small. excellent form factor. light weight. looks better than any other notebook on the market

Cons: little slow.

Overall Review: the slownessis understandable considering its price and small size that prevent a alrger battery and cooling. before buying understand what your getting. this is not a desktop replacement. or a power notebook. it is an ultrmobile PC that is smaller than a hardcover book (really it is). for some people this is great. don't complain if its too small becasue thats a feature and if ou don't like it only mean you don't need/understand a product like this. also if you need to install XP (i did) and don't have a external cd rom there are plenty of ways to make a bootable USB installer so don't worry about that. lastly i'd add that for portable computing it is highly recommended.

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