Did not work with my older MacBook Pro11/2/2016 5:45:03 PM

Pros: Fast, when used in a Windows PC

Cons: Seems to need a lot of power when starting up. Would not work with my older MacBook Pro because of that.

Overall Review: 15% restocking fee for an incompatible product? That's not really encouraging me to try new stuff from NewEgg. I guess I'll have to consider more carefully before buying anything else here that I am not 100% sure about.

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Great little machine12/13/2013 4:24:04 PM

Pros: High build quality, fast, and can't beat the price. Quad core CPU, Windows 8, not much bloat ware. Full featured laptop. Decent screen.

Cons: I have to wonder what Asus' refurbishing process is like. My unit had a functional but defective hard disk. The first 160GB or so of the 500GB disk was either damaged or worn out, resulting in dismal performance from the laptop since that's the region of the disk running the OS. I am guessing this is why it was returned to be refurbished in the first place. Once I replaced the hard disk with a spare, it runs like a champ. Since the hard disk is not a retail disk, I could not get a replacement from HGST. For the price though, it wasn't a big problem. But if you are not good with diagnosing PCs, it would have appeared to be a dismally slow PC out of the box. Asus, I would suggest running some sort of HDD diagnostic if you're not going to replace the hard disk when refurbishing the units.

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Great at first...11/24/2010 9:58:31 AM

Pros: Good audio quality, easy to use, inexpensive, comfortable. Worked great at first.

Cons: It's worked great for about 4 weeks, then it started having connection issues. For a while, I could fix that with unpairing and re-pairing. But now, it will pair but I can't hear anything and my Mac says the 'Bluetooth audio has failed'. It doesn't work with my phone now either. Disappointing.

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Not for iMacs7/9/2010 5:20:10 PM

Pros: Great RAM. Fast, and good deal as always on NewEgg.

Cons: Although this RAM works great while my iMac is running, it seems to cause a lot of startup issues when resuming or booting up. The iMac won't boot without me removing and replacing the RAM. Then it boots fine -- until next time... Weird, huh?

Overall Review: Crucial never claimed this was compatible with iMacs so I can't complain really.

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Great USB stick but watch the rebate2/23/2010 10:03:59 AM

Pros: Great device. Blistering fast read/write performance (almost as fast as NewEgg's delivery times). Great for ReadyBoost. Compatible with everything I've tried so far, even Windows CE. What's not to like?

Cons: No cons on the device, but the rebate processing is a different story.

Overall Review: Patriot declined my rebate submission. I submit rebates all the time and know the drill. I guess I'll have to file a complaint. Unfortunately for them, I'm the sort that keeps scanned copies of everything. Companies love when Attorneys General come knocking, right? ;-)

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