Awesome Little Computer7/15/2020 9:37:40 AM

Pros: Plays games really well, Ultra/High settings Super Slim! Lightweight Great looking computer

Cons: Only one RAM and Hard drive slot. Loud Fans, but not too annoying Not the easiest to upgrade parts, lots of screws (T5)/ribbon cables that must be handled carefully. 512 GB HDD is not enough/ get yourself 1 or 2 TB.

Overall Review: I would recommend this Laptop to anyone that needs an ultra slim gaming computer but will be ok without being able to do any significant upgrades. For 1899.00 you really can't find another computer with RTX 2080. Although the newer models contain RTX2070 Super which are probably a little better than the 2080 MAX-Q. This is the best "budget" RTX2080 that I found at the time. Just be sure to add at least a TB M.2 HHD to the cart as well, Warzone is sitting just above 200GB so the stock HHD will fill up fast.

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