Bang For Your Buck - Follow up3/22/2013 3:31:43 AM

Pros: Same as before: - Fast mobile i7 - Dual Nvidia 650m - Great display - Backlit keyboard etc, etc. As per games: - Max Payne 3 just a hair under full Ultra on 1650x1080 resolution - Tom Raider (2013) a few settings tweaked to high, mainly normal. Benchmark was min 30 - max 40 - avg 37.5 - Still very beautiful on normal. - NFS: Most Wanted (2012) normal settings. I had it set to high with no problem but a few areas I would down to 25 FPS and I couldn't take it.

Cons: - Bloatware removed. Roughly ten minutes of uninstall time while unfocused when I first received it. - Touchpad is not good by any means, but drivers do help with recognition. Wireless mice are better anyway. - Fingerprint magnet etc, etc.

Overall Review: - Stock drivers for graphics cards need to be updated. I realized this after a single GFX crash. Easily, and quickly, fixed. Haven't had a problem since updating on day one. - Yes, the HDD can be sluggish at times, however I haven't had a mind-numbing experience with it yet. I've loaded about 200 gigs worth of games (hooray steam sales!) onto it already and haven't had a problem or even noticed a speed change. Fragmentation is usually the culprit of slow drives later in their life. - Synaptics new drivers help improve touchpad. Though it's not great, the drivers do help. I do assume this is used as a gaming laptop, so invest in a wireless mouse. I prefer mice to any touchpad. - Wifi has a possibility of manufacturing problem. I actually have better range with this than my previous laptop. Rarely dip below 4 bars in my classes, and at Home I can't find a place I go below 5. Yes, I have tried. - I have had no problems with SD card slot. I simply use my thumbnail. Trust me, I carve this bad boys (my nails) down most everyday. - All status lights or on the front of computer. Same area as power status and battery status. Power, battery, touchpad status (enabled/disabled), num lock, and caps lock. Still recommend this computer to people looking for a power system on a budget. Don't let a bad review send you away, this system is great.

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Bang For Your Buck2/24/2013 2:52:29 PM

Pros: - Fast core i7 and hyper threaded. - Nvidia SLI is very powerful. - Large hard drive. - Back-lit keyboard. - Great resolution and bright display.

Cons: - 5400 RPM HD - Windows 8 - Touchpad - Bloatware (eww)

Overall Review: I was searching for a decent gaming laptop for on-the-go. Tired of lugging a desktop everywhere when I wanted to do some LAN gaming with buddies. Very quick. Runs most modern games at high comfortably (30-40 FPS in open, semi-intensive environments). Load times are sub-par due to the slow speed of the HD, though it's not unbearable. Back lit keyboard looks great. The touch pad is pretty poor, however since I'm gaming a lot on the system, the touchpad isn't much of a concern. The only real problem I have with this system is Windows 8. Will be installing Windows 7 soon so I can gain the use of a taskbar back. Lenovo... What's with the bloatware? around 15 GB worth of it, too! This is a great buy. Did you read the title yet? Bang for your buck is written all over this laptop.

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