Amazing motherboard!2/19/2021 9:35:05 PM

Pros: Supports PCIE Gen 4 Supports 11th gen Intel processors Really good build quality Looks amazing!

Cons: Doesn’t have a TPM header Could use more USB A ports Pricy!

Overall Review: Overall, this is an amazing motherboard and exceeded my expectations. I chose to get a z590 board instead of a previous gen z490 because of the extra features like pcie gen 4 and better integration with the 11th gen intel processors. For now, I bought a 10th gen intel processor since they are on sale almost everywhere and I plan to upgrade to an 11the gen after about a year when the price drops after 12th gen is announced. I am confident that this board, along with a 11th gen i7 processor, pcie 4.0 ssd, and 3600 Mhz ram will last me at least 5 years before I have to upgrade. This is also ideal since by then ddr5, pcie 5.0 and other new technologies will have enough time to mature.

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