hd 597012/4/2011 10:13:44 AM

Pros: upgraded from my evga gtx285 and let me tell you, this thing is a rocket. i played bf3 with the gtx285 at low settings and with the a single hd5970 i am in ultra 1920x1200 AAX2 and fps never dropped below 35. take off the AA and never seen below 40, average is 60-80fps. great product. excellent product.

Cons: none. and no longer available, was gonna buy another one but I was to slow.

Overall Review: I should have bought two of these cards but, since my motherboard is a nvidia base chip-set it does not support crossfire. that meant spend more money on a motherboard plus what ever arouse. After all I am disappointed of my self for not buying two of these cards. I love when newegg.com make this type of deal, makes me jump into action, although I was not fast enough. hope they get some more with about same deal and I am sure to buy same video card plus motherboard... etc

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12/4/2011 9:59:48 AM

Pros: i went to my motherboard's website and checked on the different rams available to it and picked this one. bumped my ram to 16gb and instantly was recognize by my motherboard. excellent product.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: buy it with confidence if your motherboard says it will support it. otherwise manually change the timing tables.

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G.Skill1/19/2010 7:52:44 AM

Pros: crazy fast ram. if your MOBO has this RAm already supperted just grab this this one cause it works like a champ

Cons: none

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Seagate 7200 16mb cache1/19/2010 7:49:08 AM

Pros: is loads everything in the blink of an eye. couldnt be happier.

Cons: i was a little worried because it was recertified but with the price is had it was hard to miss.

Overall Review: really nice size 500gb under $40

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Zalman CPU Cooler1/19/2010 7:44:30 AM

Pros: works like a champ. if you have a case with a lot of fans and wide enough then this is for you.

Cons: had to buy a new case because of the size of this baby. But its all good now.

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AMP CPU Phenum II X4 965 140W1/19/2010 7:37:14 AM

Pros: dam my machine is crazy fast with this cpu. with the price i dont have to be picking pennis from the ground; as i used to do. to get one of the lates CPU on the market.

Cons: No cons, its working flawlessly.

Overall Review: buy it if you dont want to have an empty wallet. but still want performance.

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