Acer Aspire TC - Intel Core i3-10100 - 8 GB DDR42/9/2021 10:58:34 AM

Pros: Excellent, quiet, efficient personal machine. Does everything the average person nedds easily. Great packaging and delivery.

Overall Review: Recommend.

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Replacement for RMA6/26/2014 4:10:00 PM

Pros: The ADATA SSD is unbelievably fast- especially for the price. I used Macrium Reflect to clone my 90 Gigs of used HD space from my WD Blue Caviar 500G HD to the SSD. It worked like a charm. It took about an hour and a half to clone everything- OS, programs- everything. I was then able to simply run setup and switch the boot up priorities. Now, I have my primary running on SSD and it is almost instantaneous. Pages switch quickly and streaming is seamless. I do recommend the Macrium Reflect software for cloning. I know they advertise the Acronis download, but I find the process convoluted and not at all user- friendly. To be fair, the customer service people were responsive and tried to help, but I got frustrated and found Macrium Reflect. It was clean, logical, and a truly free download.

Cons: First one was DOA. Newegg was responsive and got me a replacement quickly; it is always a bummer to have to pay shipping when someone sends you a defective part, however. That is the only reason for taking an egg. The drive is super so far.

Overall Review: I have only kind words for the service people at Newegg and ADATA. They really did try to make things right. It is just a shame that quality control let us down this time.

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TP-Link adapter5/7/2012 6:29:06 AM

Pros: Very good tranfer rates. Easy install. It works as advertized. Intallation was easy and seamless with Win 7 Home Premium.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Exactly what I wanted for a basement PC- consistent downloads and web browsing.

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Edimax wireless adapter5/7/2012 6:26:25 AM

Pros: Finally, a decent adapter that doesn't stick out and get snagged on the laptop case. For such a small device without a visible antenna, it gets astonishing reception. Transfer rates are very good. Was easily read and installed with Win 7 Pro Sp1.

Cons: None at all.

Overall Review: Just what I wanted.

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Aluratek 8" phot frame5/7/2012 6:23:37 AM

Pros: Excellent clarity and ease of setup. It shows slideshows very well- the main reason I got it.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Happy Mothers' Day.

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Peter Pan costume10/31/2011 1:51:24 PM

Pros: This is a nice costume for a young man. I have a special needs son who is eighteen. It was perfect for him. It has brown pants, not green leotards, which is a plus for a boy. It was very reasonably priced for a Disney product.

Cons: None

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ain jacket10/31/2011 1:49:19 PM

Pros: It's a cheap, light little rain poncho with hood. It's cheap. Did I mention it's cheap?

Cons: None.

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SamsungDVD/VCRPlayer-Recorder10/31/2011 1:48:01 PM

Pros: For the money, it's just about the only show in town. It does an adequate job. It doesn't have HDMI or any extra connections- it's simple and basic. The remote is functional.

Cons: None, really for the price.

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SennheiserHD202 II headphones5/21/2011 7:54:57 AM

Pros: The background noise cancelling effect enhances the clarity. Bass is bold without being overbearing. The subtleties of background sound are crisp and clear even when viewing videos. As advertised.

Cons: None, really. The cup of the earpiece is a little smallish and snug, and depending on the size of your ears, might be a little confining- no deductions.

Overall Review: Win 7 compatible and works well with plug and play.

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Microsoft LifeCam VX-50005/21/2011 7:50:18 AM

Pros: This is an excellent little webcam. Skyping is a breeze, the software package is seamless, and it is very user- friendly. It is self- powered because it is USB and the quality of the pictures and videos is very good. Sound is crisp and clear. This is a must have, especially for the reasonable price.

Cons: none

Overall Review: It's easier if you install software before plugging in the camera to avoid competing popup install windows. It is very Win 7 compatible- no issues at all.

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ASUS M4A785-M5/3/2011 12:59:55 PM

Pros: This is an old tech board, but has a lot of features of newer MBs. It also has some of the really useful software, like AMD's Overdrive and some utilities in addition to the BIOS update on the disk that comes included. The RAM channels are a little close to the edge of the board, and in some cases might be a little cramped against the HD and attendant cables. Otherwise, it is a terrific bargain for its capabilities, which included the core unlocking features of more expensive MBs. I was able to quickly format the HD and do the setup without a hitch.

Cons: Only two, really, and neither was substantial enough to take an egg. There were no standoffs included in the package, but that was O.K. for me, because this was a re- build and I had sufficient on hand. It was nice to have the SATA and IDE cables, though. The other was the print in the manual. It was so tiny that old bifocular guys like me had 0 chance to read it with lenses.

Overall Review: This was a re- build featuring a new WD Blue Caviar 160 GB HD. I had a DVD RW drive (used) already, and a slightly used 400W power supply. I added 8 GB of DDR2 800 RAM. The case was a low budget used one. The PC was to be a backup for the kids and the wife to mess around on.

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AMD Athlon II X3 450 Rana 3.2GHz 3 x512 KB L2 Cache Socket AM3 95W Triple-Core4/28/2011 12:47:21 PM

Pros: The processor works great, and the MOB recognized it and went right to work. I was not able to unlock the fourth core, oh well, luck of the draw. It did recognize the cache, though. I runs cool and does everything I need. I'm not a big OC'r although I did download the AMD Overdrive software to tune it up when I updated the BIOS. With the AtI video card, the graphics are crisp and clear. The build went smoothly.

Cons: None. I can't complain about not unlocking the core- that's never a gimme, even though the Biostar board is a pretty good bet to get it done.

Overall Review: New build- Mushkin DDR3 1333 Ram, Biostar A770E3 board, Raidmax ATX 798-WB case, Antec TP-650 power supply, and WD Blue Caviar 500 GB HD made a sweet, but inexpensive build.

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Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB4/28/2011 12:37:51 PM

Pros: This HD is very quiet and efficient. I have formatted the partitions, downloaded all my programs without incident. Downloads have gone off without a hitch. MOB recognized the HD and used Acronis to backup everything. The cache appeared and appears to help smooth operation of the system. Transfer rates are as advertised. It's nice when something lives up to the advertising.

Cons: None. The only glitch I have had is when installing two Caviar Blue HDs together (SATA), occasionally, bootup problems surface. There is no master/slave configuration mentioned on the website/or manual, and no mention of using jumpers like on PATA. What will happen is the backup drive will record a competing bootlog. You might watch for that, but not really a negative.

Overall Review: Used in a new build with a Raidmax Quantum ATX 798-WB case, Antec TP650W power supply, AMD Athlon II x 3 450 Rana 3.2 GHz, Biostar A770E3 MOB.

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Mushkin Enhanced Silverline DDR3 13334/28/2011 12:24:02 PM

Pros: Easy read by the MOB and the OS. It worked flawlessly and seamlessly from the first. All of my programs are noticeably faster and there have been no hiccups at all.

Cons: None really. The price was terrific and performance was as advertised. The only thought- and this really isn't the product itself- is shipping. I would pay to have it shipped directly next time. The saver shipping has lousy logistics. In winter, they shipped to Utah on the western slope of the Rockies. I live on the eastern slope. Geography anyone?

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