back to back dead laptops4/1/2020 8:19:39 AM

Pros: Good size & weight, decent specs for the price

Overall Review: Purchased one, had some trouble getting it to start up the first time I tried to use it. After leaving it plugged in for a couple hours, it started up. 28 days later, it refused to start. Acted like a dead battery & power supply. - RMA through Newegg. Upon getting second laptop, it would not start up at all. I purchased a new in Lenovo factory packaging battery and power supply, and the laptop still does not turn on at all, doesn't appear that the battery is charging so most likely a bad power port on the laptop. These are a sealed product from AST, a Microsoft Certified third party refurbisher, so not Newegg's fault, but frustrating none-the-less.

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Quite Dissapointed8/16/2015 9:00:09 AM

Pros: Inexpensive High overclock potential

Cons: 2 shared pairs of cores = 4 threads instead of 4 independent cores. RUNS VERY HOT - all attempts to run CPU at stock speed with Hyper 212 EVO & dual 108CFM fans results in CPU speed throttling.

Overall Review: This is completed build # 34, and I pretty much knew what to expect from this processor.... except for the heat. A 95W TDP processor cooled with a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO & twin 108CFM fans on 100% should not creep above 60C. My I7-3930K never did with this cooler & fan combo, even when overclocked to 4.0GHz. Yet, I have this processor down clocked to 3.2GHz, with voltage cut by 0.2V and at about 80% utilization during gaming, I'm consistently getting temps of 66C - 68C. According to CPUz the voltage is all over the place, from as low as 0.482V to 1.328V at idle & 1.315V to 1.328V under load. Running Prime95 In-Place Large FFT's temps almost immediately hit 74C and continue to creep up, hitting 78C after 5 minutes. I've re-seated the 212 EVO 4 times, cleaning off - then re-applying thermal paste each time Arctic Silver 5 twice & IC Diamond 7 Carat twice, results are always within 1C and paste appears to still be evenly spread after HSF is removed indicating even all-around contact with the CPU

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Unbelievable Range & Performance12/25/2014 11:29:01 AM

Pros: No need for external antenna within 20ft of Wireless Router Can see & connect to neighbors WiFi 150-170 feet away with the external antenna attached (tested with their permission & advised them of how to secure their WiFi afterwards) Gets double the signal strength through 3 walls into the back bedroom Vs the Intel Wireless AC-7260 card in my laptop. Wireless transfer of movies, music, & photos from PC to Laptop now averages 65-70MB per second (SSD to SSD)

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Purchased in September, have had zero problems. This card went into a half-height case which was no problem with the included half-height bracket. PC is in the back bedroom which is about 45 feet from the wireless router, but passes through 3 wooden (not drywall) walls. Average connection speed is around 520 - 580Mbps with the antenna attached, about 12-20Mbps without the antenna attached. Price may seem high, but with the results I'm getting, well worth the investment... as long as you need high speed transfers within your home network.

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Horrible Light for flash-a-holics / okay for the rest...10/13/2014 6:35:17 PM

Pros: Bright for 1.5V power focuses from spot to flood 5 light modes got double the noted runtime on Duracell Ultra

Cons: > No reflector - where the reflector should be, it's just white plastic (a reflector would improve overall lumen output) > Cannot be used for Morse code signaling from off position SOS mode timing is way off: it actually spells out S T T T S > No long-term memory for modes - light reverts to high after 5-6 seconds off > On/Off switch extends past base ring so it's not stable in tail-stand positon > Needs more knurling on the head for ease of push-pull zoom operation > No knurling on the main body > Solid 0.2" thick aluminum body only adds to overall weight > modes don't cycle reliably - sometimes they will cycle with a 1 second press, sometimes anything longer than 0.5 seconds will not cycle the modes.

Overall Review: Normally I would say you get what you pay for, but this light costs more than it's worth... For those who are not flashaholics, this might appear to be a decent light, but there are just so many problems with it. SOS mode should spell out SOS, not STTTS... very thick body could be trimmed down to save weight. Tail switch should not extend past the ring & interfere with tail-standing as it does. But most importantly, it does not come anywhere close to 450 lumens with a 14500 or 330 lumens from a AA. In fact, a 226 lumen Mini-Maglite is noticeably brighter. 450/330 is nothing more than theoretical lumens with perfect design & circuitry, in actual use, it's much closer to 150 lumens with alkaline & 200 lumen with 14500 3.7V Li-Ion rechargeable. What's worse, after testing with the 14500 rechargeable, the light no longer operates with alkalines, though it still works with 14500's. Still, it could make a semi-decent emergency light to keep in your glove compartment.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you very much for purchasing this unit. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Thanks for the feedback we will pass it along to our QA and Design teams. In the event that you are having troubles please do not hesitate to contact our support team at the number below. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: Email2: We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
Best Performance Per Dollar8/19/2014 11:25:40 AM

Pros: Included fan keeps just about any stock CPU chilly with virtually no sound. Wide range of fan speeds 600RPM - 2000RPM for silence when you're not taxing your CPU, & Extreme performance under heavily CPU intensive tasks. Comes with extra pair of 120mm fan mount brackets to add a second fan for even better cooling power. Lightweight even with 2 140mm fans attached

Cons: There can be RAM clearance issues with tall RAM heat sinks if RAM slots are to close to CPU.

Overall Review: Hands down, the best performance per dollar CPU cooler I've ever seen. Would love to see an all-copper version for even better cooling efficiency. Running 2 AeroCool Shark black edition 120mm fans on an i7-3930k overclocked to 4.4GHz with the fans running at around 65% speed, I was getting lower temps encoding Blu-Ray video than I was getting out of my H100 water cooler. Can be rotated 90 degrees on all Intel motherboards, and the fan(s) can be moved upwards on the tower about 10-11mm to help with RAM clearance issues.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
8/19/2014 11:13:49 AM

Pros: Moves a lot of air at max speed.

Cons: CONSIDERABLY LOUDER THAN ADVERTISED. 3 out of 8 died in under a year of use, another one is making occasional grinding noises after just over a year of use. Very flimsy, I've bought el-cheapo $8 generic unbranded 140mm fans in the past that felt more substantial.

Overall Review: I bought a total of 12 AeroCool Shark Black Edition fans in 2012, eight 140mm fans (4 for push/pull config on Kraken X60 & 4 for case fans) & four 120mm fans & have experienced a 50% failure rate since purchase. The first of the eight 140mm's died an untimely death when it was dropped to the floor & accidentally stepped on & is not counted in the failure rate. All three noted in the cons section all developed horrible rattling sounds within 6 months & their speed would constantly drop to way under the minimum rated speed then come back up. Interestingly, only one of the ones used with the Kraken has had any troubles, the one that started to make noises after just over a year of use, it hasn't gotten any worse, & I don't have a good option for replacement at the moment, so it's still spinning away till I get another job & can buy new fans. Also, two out of the four 120mm fans also died in the same manner. At maximum fan speed, these are noticeably louder than the two 2,350RPM 120mm extreme performance high-static-pressure fans rated at 35dBA I used with my old H100 water cooler. At 900RPM, they can be clearly heard from 10 feet away, at maximum speed, they can be heard from every point inside the house.

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Best Router I've Owned8/1/2014 11:08:26 PM

Pros: Two USB ports for external device connection Excellent range with no dropouts under 50ft. Fast Fast Fast Fast and did I mention FAST

Cons: USB ports are only 2.0, not 3.0 Has a bit of a learning curve to it.

Overall Review: Purchased along with my laptop which has an Intel Wireless AC 7260 card in it. Despite using Linksys wireless routers for the past 8 years, this one came with a bit of a learning curve that I did not face with previous models, partly due to the new web interface. Once learned, this router is very simple to manage & to connect new devices. For the past year, I've had my Android phone, iPad, laptop, wireless printer, and wireless central heat & air control connected, along with two PC's and & a laser printer connected via Cat6. Only time I ever have any problems... is when there's no power due to heavy thunderstorms in the area. Once power is restored, I'm back online in less than a minute. One of these days, I'm gonna have ta get a new battery backup so I can still get online with my laptop while power is out.... With my file server connected & running 4x 120GB SATA III SSD's in RAID-0, I'm able to download songs & photos from my server to my laptop at full 866Mbps which is the maximum speed of my wireless card. From server to my gaming PC via Cat6, I'm hitting full gigabit speeds.

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Follow-up Review3/30/2014 9:11:23 AM

Pros: When it worked, it worked great

Cons: Time to find out how good or bad Adata's support services are.... > purchased 8/20/2013 > arrived 8/23/2013 > DIED 3/28/2014

Overall Review: This card was used as extra storage for my Samsung Galaxy S3, I had my entire music library @ 192kbps WMA, on the card + some photos & video's I took with the phone. When I changed batteries the morning of 3/28/2014, after power up, everything went normally, but then half an hour later, I got a message that my storage card has been disconnected. I've tried every reader I can find, on 2 PC's and a laptop, nothing can even see the card anymore. Even put it in my camera to see if it would find/recognize the card, but nothing...

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Nice printer but...2/10/2014 1:31:59 PM

Pros: Fast printing Outstanding image quality Network capable expandable memory optional HDD/SSD/CF1/CF2 storage

Cons: no cheap 'off the shelf' upgrade options: Proprietary RAM & storage drive connections. HORRENDOUS toner usage.

Overall Review: I researched dozens of color laser printers as a replacement to my old printer. I chose this one because I could get it cheap, and it came with "2000 page starter (@ 5% coverage) toners" & 95% of my printing is in "economy mode" so I should get real close or slightly better than the quoted page output right??? Here's my total useage & supply levels after 4 months ownership: Total Cyan coverage 2.7% Total Magenta coverage 1.7% Total Yellow coverage 1.4% Total Black coverage 5.1% total monochrome pages 197 total full color pages 398 (includes seven 8x10 photo prints) Total printed pages 595 Current toner levels: Cyan = 36% remaining Magenta = 32% remaining Yellow = 33% remaining Black = 40% remaining Considering how much toner the printer says I'm using per print, NONE of the toners should have less than 60% remaining. I also purchased because 6000 page high cap toner's are available for this printer.... but if I'm getting less than half the stated pages for the stated coverage, a seemingly good value becomes a HORRIBLE value.

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Good perfomance + Samsung reliability1/13/2014 11:15:39 AM

Pros: > Fast > Lightweight > 7mm thin design to fit all standard 2.5" applications > Samsung Magician software > Continues the legendary Samsung 830 reliability > low power consumption helps extend laptop battery use between charges.

Cons: Unimpressed with light use performance after 5 months.... see other thoughts for details.

Overall Review: Initially purchased for use in my desktop, but after finding that the Vector I purchased for the laptop was almost 3x the weight of the 840 Pro, I decided to use this in the laptop instead. Any SSD can perform well new out-of-the-box, but I wanted to see how it would stack up after 5-6 months use without TRIM. I honestly expected it to fare much better than the Vector for two reasons: 1> Samsung is held up as the "king" of SSD's... I would assume they are so revered because they simply build a great product that not only performs reliably over time, but performs consistently over time.... more on that in a minute 2> Being used in my laptop, it is the sole storage medium in the laptop, but only sees 8 - 12 hours per WEEK of usage. While the desktop with the Vector sees 8 - 12 hours per DAY of usage. After just over 5 months of use, I decided I would do a comparison run of AS-SSD to see how both SSD's are doing. You'll have to check out my Vector review for breakdown, but total score in AS-SSD ver 1.7.439.38088 was 1068 for the Vector: Breakdown for the 840 Pro in AS-SSD ver 1.7.439.38088: Seq read = 492.13MB/s - Seq write = 263.94MB/s 4k read = 26.59MB/s - 4k write = 71.47MB/s 4k-64Thrd read = 354.01MB/s - 4k-64Thrd write = 124.96MB/s Acc.time read = 0.127ms - Acc.time write = 0.044ms Score read = 430 - Score write = 223 - Score total = 869 I then started up Samsung Magician & ran "Performance Optimization" - here are the scores AFTER Optimization: Seq read = 515.45MB/s - Seq write = 480.96MB/s 4k read = 32.37MB/s - 4k write = 90.64MB/s 4k-64Thrd read = 358.35MB/s - 4k-64Thrd write = 276.90MB/s Acc.time read = 0.107ms - Acc.time write = 0.038ms Score read = 442 - Score write = 416 - Score total = 1094 Vector un-optimized = 1068 could Samsung be dethroned??? Too many OCZ haters for that to happen, but OCZ definitely has a firm grasp on the performance ball at this point in time. Based on the before & after of the 840 Pro, I decided NOT to run TRIM on the Vertex & instead I'm going to let the Vertex go to a full year before I run TRIM on it & see how it fares after a year of neglect.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
My best SSD yet1/13/2014 10:12:49 AM

Pros: > Exceptional read and write speeds, even after 5 months of use as Windows 7 OS drive with TRIM disabled. > Slim 7mm design to fit all 2.5" applications > Foam packaging protects drive during shipping. > Comes with 3.5" adapter & Acronis HD cloning software key (must download software from OCZ website) > Shipped with the most current firmware

Cons: > very heavy compared to any other SSD I own > still very pricey per GB

Overall Review: Initially purchased with intent to use this in my laptop, but given that it weighs almost 3x as much as the Samsung 840 Pro I bought at the same time, I decided to use this in my desktop instead. Any SSD can perform well right out of the box, but how it performs after months of use can be another matter. I wanted to test this and the 840 Pro to see how they would compare after 5 months use without TRIM. Vector is performing quite well despite being a daily use machine with 8-12 hours use per day. AS-SSD performance (ver 1.7.4739.38088) after 5 months use: Seq read = 508.16MB/s - Seq write = 497.19MB/s 4k read = 21.79MB/s - 4k write = 63.26MB/s 4k-64Thrd read = 356.23MB/s - 4k-64Thrd write = 287.88MB/s Acc.time read = 0.134ms - Acc.time write = 0.053ms Score read = 438 - Score write = 401 - Score total = 1068 You'll have to see my 840 Pro review for score breakdown, but with 8-12 hours per WEEK usage, its total score came in at a disturbing 869

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My All-Time Favorite Case1/8/2014 8:16:27 PM

Pros: > Segregated design keeps the components that don’t need active cooling out of the way for better airflow & higher cooling efficiency at lower fan speeds. > Full side window > Generous room for up to 80mm thick radiators – though long video cards may cause issue with front rad. > 2 hot-swap drive bays > Superb cooling > Mounting brackets included for four 2.5” SSD/HDD > Room in the “passive side” for all your excess cabling plus your cooling reservoir & pump if running a custom water loop. > Lot's of working room - my large hands never felt cramped installing anything

Cons: PERSONAL NOTE: YOU MUST TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THE PRICE POINT OF THIS CASE WHEN LOOKING AT ANY CON'S... THERE'S NO WAY MOST OF THE CON'S COULD BE AVOIDED WITHOUT ADDING ANOTHER $40 - $50 TO THE COST OF THE CASE. > Side panels are kind of flimsy > PSU opening is un-filtered > Included filters are very basic non-premium filters > Odd shape & size means you might have to re-arrange your computer area. > Only comes with 2 front mounted USB ports > 5 1/4" bays can get in the way of cable management - but is removeable. > Lot of plastic.... > Only 2 spaces for 3.5" drives

Overall Review: Bottom Line: I LOVE THIS CASE. Because of it's odd design & overall width, it may not be suitable for everyone. But if you can live with it's super wide width, you'll love what this can do for your cooling. This is the first & only case I never felt cramped working in & I've worked with some large cases like the Antec P180 & even larger. Crazy efficiency when it comes to cooling the CPU & GPU. Nothing in the way to block airflow means my GPU runs 5C cooler running FarCry3 @ 2560x1600, and my CPU runs 6C - 18C cooler in various applications. I moved EVERYTHING out of my old 550D case into the Air 540, every case fan, every piece of hardware, the works. The only change was the case itself, which netted the above drops in temperatures. Note: the 18C drop in temp comes through running Prime95 64bit 25.11 - in-place large FFT's stress test for 4 hours. Kraken X60 AIO water cooler did not fit properly & airflow inside the 550D case was a good bit restricted. By constrast, In the Air 540, there's nothing obstructing airflow which is why there's such a huge difference. Most of my real world programs show the Air 540 case with 6C- 8C lower temps over the 550D. Flimsy side panels... does it really matter folks??? Unless you're doing monthly hardware upgrades, there's no reason to bother with the panels so, no big deal.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Nice Case1/4/2014 12:50:14 PM

Pros: Watertight sturdy Locks built in floats in water with up to 20 pounds of gear. Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

Cons: bulky a bit on the expensive side only 3 layers of foam

Overall Review: Overall thoughts: Not for everyone, but if you're looking for a locking case that will provide drop protection & keep your laptop dry in a surprise down-poor, then this case is a pretty good choice. Bought this primarily as a 15.6" laptop case. I wanted something that could survive a drop into the lake or down a flight of stairs. Case is very bulky & will not fit into most small to mid-sized backpacks. Of course this bulk = added protection, so there's a tradeoff, do you want outstanding protection, or slim, light styling without as much protection. I would have perfered at least 4 or 5 layers of foam, but 6 would have been ideal. Pull & pluck is great in theory, but I had to use a knife to make cutouts anyway. I also had to cut the foam across the thickness to make pockets that don't go all the way through the foam for accessories. This is where 5 or 6 thin layers of foam would be most helpful...

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Update to previous review10/14/2013 1:19:55 PM

Pros: This isn an update to my initial review posted 9/18/2013: After a recent suite of 18 updates from Microsoft, the monitor seems to be performing much better. Funny that none of the updates seemed to have anything to do with display output, and I still have the same Dell driver dated 9/13/2012, yet suddenly the two biggest of the problems are simply gone. I haven't noticed the color shift or the backlight dimming / brightening issue since that update, backlight bleed through is of course still there. I bought this monitor for prosumer level photo editing and Blu-Ray encoding using Adobe Photoshop CS6 & Premiere Pro CS6, and it's here that the flaws I previously noted quickly became evident. Sadly, this monitor fails miserably compared to the class leader (which comes optionally with SpectreView colorimeter) in color variance. At 14% color variance, the U3014 is fine for amateur photographers, and serious hobbyists, but for content creation / photo editing / video editing professionals whose primary paycheck is from this field, a 14% variance is not a very desireable trait. Still the best in class has just a 5% variance, but is also nearly twice the price.

Cons: > Still has the backlight bleed issue which is really only noticeable with very dark images (night time photos of stars, planets, moon, etc...) movies, & dimly lit games. > Included SDHC card reader tops out a 8MB/sec read speed from a card that normally reads at 22MB/sec with Lexar Pro dual slot USB 3.0 card reader LRW300U rev B.1

Overall Review: Based on the recent disapperance of the two biggest problems I had, I would now consider this a keeper. I would also consider a second one if found on sale again. Gaming performance: Though purchased for photo/video editing purposes, I am also a hard-core gamer, gaming up to 40 hours a week. With this monitor at 2560x1600, I've played: Diablo III, TES: Skyrim, Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, and Metro Last Light. I've experienced no noticeable tearing or ghosting without pausing. Too slow for 3D gaming, but as pointed out this was designed more for professional use than gaming use.

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Outstanding Performance10/14/2013 9:46:39 AM

Pros: >>> Outstanding performance: Cooling my i7-3930k overclocked to 4GHz for day to day operation is a walk in the park for this cooler. Temps stay under 55C except when encoding Blu-Ray video. That's with the software custom configured for fan speed at 25% up to about 58C ramping up to 100% at about 74C. Highest temp I've seen is 62C. >>> Two powerful 140mm fans included: Comes with two NZXT FX Enthusiast RF-FX14L-OP 140mm 140LB PWM Fans. At 0.59A/7.08W these things can move a LOT of air and with high static pressure to ensure the airflow will easily move through the radiator. >>> Simple installation: My installation only required assembling the pump retainer ring as instructed for a LGA-2011 installation & install using the stock motherboard retainer. Retainer ring remained rigid with no noticeable bending after installation.

Cons: >>> Kraken Control software could be better: Lots of room for improvement, more fan speed profiles (comes with only 3), has slider only controls instead of typing the value you want into a text box. etc... >>> Fans are very loud at full speed: At 0.59A / 7.08W these are some of the most powerful 140mm fans available. When you have that much power, you are going to have lots of noise. Fortunately at 25% fan speed (where these fans are 90% of the time in my system), they're only mildly audible.

Overall Review: I'm very impressed with this AIO water cooling solution. Not a con because it's not up to NZXT to ensure compatability with competitors cases, but the Kraken X60 would not fit in my Corsair 550D case without case modification. System setup: Case - Corsair Air 540 Motherboard - AsRock X79 Extreme9 LGA2011 CPU - Intel Core i7-3930k @ 4GHz Cooler - Kraken X60 with the two included fans in push position, & Two slightly quieter AeroCool Shark 140mm fans in pull position. RAM - 16GB DDR3-2133 in dual channel at 1600 8,8,8,23 GPU - GeForce GTX-660-Ti OS Drive - 256GB OCZ Vector SATA III SSD Data Drive - two Western Digital RED NAS WD20EFRX 2TB w/64MB Cache SATA III HDD's mirrored Optical Drive - LG 12x Blu-Ray burner PSU - PC Power & Cooling MKII 750 Watt This is my video encoding rig, for small projects & day-to day use, the CPU is clocked at 4GHz, but for large / long encoding projects (over 20 minutes of video), I often ramp up to 4.8GHz.where the Kraken X60 truly shines. At 4GHz, it keeps my CPU 9 -12C coller than the old H100, but there's simply no comparison beyond that. H100 at 4.4GHz with two high speed 140mm fans in push & two high speed 120mm fans in pull, temps would hit 90C while encoding, any higher & computer became unstable with the H100. Not only is the computer fully stable at 4.8GHz with the Kraken, even at that clock speed, temps only hit 78C after 4 hours of Prime 95 running on all 12 threads.

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Faster & Quieter!!!10/26/2012 2:20:37 PM

Pros: Faster and Quieter than my previous Lite-On 24x DVD burner (2009 IDE model) Lightscribe support Ships with Nero 8 Essentials which is a nice plus if you don't already have a CD/DVD burning suite. SATA data cable included Drive is several dBA quieter than the previous model I was using & has a lower pitch to the sound so it blends in with the case fans.

Cons: None so far, just hope it doesn't develop the same problem as the previous model where the tray no longer opens. LightScribe is still slow. (but not a knock against the drive)

Overall Review: I've used Lite-On opticals since the first DVD burners came to market, only had a problem with one out of probably 12 - 14 drives (my own & in PC's I've built for others), and that could have easily been a minor flaw. I use this drive mainly with Dual-Layer DVD-R for backing up & making copies of photos & video I shoot, and for burning LightScribe lables. For a maximum capacity burn this one is about 2 1/2 minutes faster than the 2009 model I was using. When making multiple copies for friends / family, clients, 2.5 minutes per disk is a nice time saver. LightScribe burns are still just as slow.

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Nice Features10/20/2012 10:55:16 AM

Pros: 12 internal SATA ports 2 eSATA ports 2 USB 3.0 motherboard headers 2 8-pin 12V motherboard power connectors (for improved stability during overclocking) Fast Charging over USB, even charges the new iPad UEFI Setup is quick & intuitive, big improvement over the 'old school' BIOS Creative audio with quad-core audio processor

Cons: price, ASRock website downloads, black on black on black color scheme. I'd rather see color coded RAM slots. No documentation on the 2nd 8-pin power connector (not needed unless you're pushing for a high overclock btw...) I went to he ASRock website to check for up-to-date drivers & downloads, they need to check out their top 3 competitors & figure out how properly lay out their downloads page... and upgraded servers wouldn't hurt either, I can't even reach 3Mbps download speed off of any other their download servers, but easily hit 25Mbps from their competitors... But I'm not going to knock any eggs off for these things, the board shipped with the latest BIOS, and the driver CD already had all of the latest versions that are on the website, though Microsoft Update did have a newer version of the Creative sound card drivers...

Overall Review: I purchased this along with an Intel 3930K processor primarily for video editing & encoding. I chose this X79 board because of the multitude of SATA ports and because it has two front-panel USB 3.0 motherboard headers which allows me to hook one up to the case's front USB 3.0 ports, and connect my new USB 3.0 flash memory reader (for transferring video / photo from camera to PC) without a pass-though adapter. I also mix audio with Cubase 6. Included Creative audio has a quad-core audio processor to remove all the audio processing tasks from the CPU. Though this really is a non-issue these days with the power of modern processors. That said, Cubase is known to not play well with many integrated audio solutions (Realtek...) without using a 3rd party plug-in. However, Cubase works perfectly with the Creative sound card, no 3rd party plug-in needed.

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Fast, Unlocked, & Hot...10/20/2012 10:00:46 AM

Pros: Easily Overclocked, mine hit 4.4GHz on first try with no problems (YMMV). Fast: 6-cores plus Hyper Threading allows high end programs like Premier Pro CS6 to take full advantage of all the CPU has to offer & cut the time it takes to encode your video significantly, more than half in my case...

Cons: Despite using the H100 for my CPU cooler with four fans in a push/pull configuration, temperatures are still sky-high, reaching 87C at maximum during my 1-week burn-in test @ 4.4GHz. Power usage was also higher than I expected, peaking at 562 Watts at the wall during the burn-in.

Overall Review: I bought the 3930K for two reasons overclocking, and video editing/encoding. Out of the box, I set it up for 4.4GHz (one of the overclocking profiles set in the motherboard), and while the temperatures are a bit higher than I'd like to see, it took my week long burn-in like a champ & came out kickin... Depending on what you do to the original clip, and how you encode it, this processor can encode video in less than the clip's total run-time. As a test, I encoded a 44 second clip I shot @ 36Mbps in 720p & encoded it to h.264 1080p Blu-Ray, took just 38.8 seconds to complete the encoding. Previous processor took 1min 22.6 seconds for the same encoding, so a huge improvement. When I'm not using the PC, it runs Folding at Home, a project from Stanford University that is focused on finding cures to many diseases including cancers, Alzheimers, Lou Gehrig's disease, amongst many others. For this use, the processor is exceptionally well suited, increasing my CPU work production for Stanford by more than double.

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Best Price to Performance available8/29/2012 4:43:20 AM

Pros: Faster than my OS drive which is a pair of Sandforce based SSD's in RAID-0 Mine shipped with the latest firmware version :) 5 year warranty

Cons: not free...

Overall Review: It's almost unbelievable that a SSD with this kind of extreme performance would be so cheap. With the 1.5 firmware, this is the fastest single drive on the market & yet is priced like a mid-level drive. Kudos to OCZ for making such a fine drive & putting it out there at such a great price. With a move like this, the future for SSD's is looking very good :)

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Nice cooler, good performance8/8/2012 2:21:07 PM

Pros: > Built-in fan controller for up to four 2,3,or 4-pin fans. > Easily connects to stock AM3/AM3+ retention brackets. > Good cooling capacity

Cons: relatively short hoses limits potential placement in cases not natively designed for 240mm radiators - minus half egg I had to zip-tie radiator into current case, & order a new case with built in support for the H100. CPU block has a semi-rough machined finish (can feel the lines on mine with my fingernail), lapping required for maximum cooling performance. minus half egg No additional screws to setup full push-pull cooling with radiator.

Overall Review: Went from a Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme with 75cfm fan & Arctic Silver 5 to H100 with my Phenom X6 1055t overclocked to 3.08GHz (220x14). With the Tuniq, temps were right at 54C under full load. With the H100, fans set to max speed, & Antec Formula 7 nano-diamond paste, temps only reach 40C at full load. NOTE: Full load achieved by simultaneously running Folding at Home and Prime 95 torture test.

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FAST, FAST, FAST5/22/2012 4:18:43 PM

Pros: One of the fastest USB thumb drives available Metal back CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1c showed read speeds topping 162MB/sec & write speeds hitting 128MB/sec.

Cons: Expensive compared to other (slower) USB 3.0 thumb drives Plastic top Ring Hole on back poorly designed IMO, hard to get even a small metal ring through, but fine for the included keychain lanyard that I prefer not to use... Activity LED is bright white, would prefer a more subtle white, blue, or red.

Overall Review: If your primary concern is write speed at any cost, then this is the thumb-drive for you... at least currently... For the price, an all metal enclosure would have been nice. USB 3.0 ports would not recognize drive at first, tried 3 different USB 3.0 ports. Rear USB 2.0 ports on computer would not recognize drive either. I was about to send a request for RMA when I decided to try front mounted USB 2.0 port on computer. It found & initiallized the drive & it's worked fine since then on all USB ports. On USB 2.0, it tops out at 35MB/sec read & write speed, making it faster than any USB 2.0 Thumb Drive I've seen or used. Purchased for current & future custom installs of Windows 7 & Windows 8 (BETA now, but eventually OEM/Retail versions) systems from USB which is significantly faster than install from DVD, even on USB 2.0 interface.

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UGH....5/21/2012 8:20:01 PM

Pros: Decent Capacity Small & lightweight Sometimes it works

Cons: Small & lightweight - easily missplaced.... Sometimes it doesn't work SLOW - compared to other USB 2.0 products.

Overall Review: I bought one of these based on the Lexar name... almost enough to turn me away from Lexar :( I have a 5 year old 2GB thumb drive from a competitor that is faster than this drive. It's also never given me problems. Two of the PC's I've tried to use this drive on do not recognize the drive, even though 2 others will. Both of the ones that don't are Windows XP Home based machines, the two that do recognize the drive are Windows XP Pro 32bit & Windows 7 Pro 64bit. With current prices of Thumb drives Vs shipping costs, it's not even worth it to RMA the drive...

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Almost Perfect5/15/2012 4:47:03 PM

Pros: Six SATA III 6Gb/sec ports Four USB 3.0 ports (2 external + 2 internal) Most people will never need 6 SATA III ports, but it's nice that the option is available for those who can use them.

Cons: no eSATA only 2 onboard fan headers

Overall Review: Gone are the days of one socket lasting multiple generations of processors :-( When I bought this board, I had hoped I would be able to upgrade once the A10 APUs came out, no such luck. Would liked to have seen a 3rd fan header I knocked off one egg only because of the lack of eSATA which IMO should be manditory.

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Simply WOW5/15/2012 3:53:29 PM

Pros: SPEED SPEED & MORE SPEED Under $1 per GB (at time I purchased) Enough capacity for OS & programs for most people

Cons: Still pricey per GB, but I'm liking the overall trend I'm seeing towards breaking the $1 per GB barrier before sale prices.

Overall Review: Faster than the other SSD's I bought from a competing brand with the same capacity & same Sandforce controller. Up to 20% faster on Crystal Disk Benchmark 4K tests & about 5% faster on the others.

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Waste of Money5/15/2012 3:28:10 PM

Pros: Water Cooling included Small radiator is great for small form factor PC's 3.6GHz 8-core CPU

Cons: To costly for what you get Small Radiator doesn't cool as efficiently as other cheaper solutions.

Overall Review: I could see this as a good option if the standard FX-8150 were not a black edition. But as it is, the Retail air cooled FX 8150 + H100 = better solution for less money

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