Very nice overall4/24/2020 6:16:40 AM

Pros: Multiple BT pairings, switchable via keys... Excellent feature! I have my PC, Phone and iPad paired. When I get a text I need to respond to, 1 button click I'm entering text on my phone, then click I'm back to the PC. So, so convenient. I have a convertible stand-up desk the negative pitch option is nice Very comfortable

Overall Review: I am a systems infrastructure and web developer. I spend a lot of time on my keyboard. I'm not writing novels but I am typing a lot. I do agree with the another reviewer that the size and positioning of the keys are slightly different than a standard keyboard and takes some getting used to. I switched to this from a MS Surface because, after weeks, I was still slightly off hitting the backslash key above the enter on the Surface keyboard. Its smaller on the Surface keyboard and I use that key A LOT. The key I'm missing the most now is the semi colon. That'll take some getting used to as well. Decent build quality, as it should be for this price. Overall, with the right keys for me in a better position and bigger, AND the multiple BT pairings...I'm very happy with it.

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