Definite step up from my old GTX 660TI3/28/2019 12:51:42 PM

Pros: -Plays all of my games on high/ultra @ 2560x1980 ultrawide (paired with Ryzen 5 2600 and 16gb of DDR4 3000) -Nice selection of outputs. -Fits nicely in my Fractal Design R4. -Not a flashy RBG card (might be a con for some) -Price/Performance sweet spot for now. -Low power draw and heat output

Cons: -During game play when fans spin up I get a buzzing/rattling. (I know it is fan related because I can touch the fan shroud and it stops). This is very annoying given the silent nature of the rest of my rig.

Overall Review: If it weren't for the fan buzz this would be a 5 Egg card. I will toy around with it a little to see if I can get it to stop with some adjustments, but disappointing that I have to do that with a brand new card.

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