AWESOME!!!!!2/17/2012 3:53:55 AM

Pros: This card is quiet and well designed. Installation was a breeze however make sure you get the drivers ahead of time from AMD before you install the card. BF3, Sniper Ghost Warrior runs awesome. NEWEGG delivered fast and as expected. I really enjoy using Newegg for my computer and electronics needs.

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: I think for the not so trained installers, there should be included a guide for power connection placement. I didn't find this or was to quick to discard the documentation. Also make sure your case has plenty of room and that the PCI-E slot does not have another PCI card to the left side, as the fan will be partially covered by the card making circulation hindered a bit.

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Noteworthy...9/20/2011 11:37:59 AM

Pros: These cables ROCK! Very sturdy in construction and length met my needs perfectly.

Cons: I have no cons to post

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Awesome RAM!!!!4/27/2011 7:21:11 AM

Pros: These modules are beefy enough and look great! They run cool and I have not ran into any issue with them installed. For the price and the work I put my system under, these modules ROCK!!!!

Cons: Can I get them in Blue? :)

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Love it!4/12/2011 12:37:41 PM

Pros: Built durable and stable voltages showing. Lots of connectors to meet every need. Running strong and really cool/quiet.

Cons: Maybe Turquoise Blue and Primer Red would make the complainers happy?

Overall Review: Quit complaining about the color... They make spray paint! This PSU is great no matter what!

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Click Click4/12/2011 12:00:37 PM

Pros: Ran nice at the fresh install then after 24 hours problems started under windows 7. Now drive clicks and wont allow anything to touch it.

Cons: Short life span...

Overall Review: If the SMART system is built in it would seem a bit more like it should be referenced as the DUMB system for not even a alert for pending failures...

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Nice!4/6/2011 12:57:49 PM

Pros: This monitor is sharp, bright and worth the money you will spend.

Cons: Not much of info on front panel buttons so you have to kind of guess how to set things. No settings or features manual included...

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Disappointed3/19/2011 7:04:28 AM

Pros: The box it came in looks nice...

Cons: I am really disappointed in this card. I understand that a low price you get what you pay for but this card is very problematic. 500W PSU 4 fan system and not running any games the card locks constantly running the supplied drivers by Powercolor. My SAPPHIRE AGP card rocked for two years and I am waiting to get it back under warranty repair.

Overall Review: Dont know about the others but this card is not worth the hassle to hunt down other drivers or continuously contacting support for little resolution. My system is stable and worked fine till this card was installed....

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Manufacturer Response:
AGP cards require special drivers (hotfix drivers), did you have a chance to try those? Overall feedback has been positive for this model, so it's also entirely possible that you may have just gotten a defective card. Either way, if you require further assistance feel free to e-mails me at and I'll be more than happy to help you out, thanks. -Hugo