RTX 3070 the powerhouse of the Gigabyte a7 x1!8/4/2021 1:18:30 PM

Pros: -Massive performance with that crazy 140W TDP -Really good 144hz screen nice colors and good brightness -palm rest is pretty chill since exhausts are on both sides -really bright keyboard and looks like it's very easy to replace -Battery system makes it super easy to replace since it uses old style laptop secure system -having 2 m.2 ports + 2.5 inch sata makes it very nice if you need to download all your steam library for some reason -AC adapter while big it is a 230w adapter so it isnt as big compared to other brands -New Wifi 6 card is very welcomed -Control center while basic it lets you control fan curves so you can make it quieter -Webcam it's surprisingly good for a laptop

Cons: -Keyboard lightning is only 1 zone so either choose a color or don't also there are no effects whatsoever with in the Software (Control Center) its very poor and looks very basic -no-Gsync panel it's a because that 144hz would've looked even better with G-sync although the radeon Software says that it can do freesync so...there is that -No Mux switch that means the panel is directly connected to the cpu graphics if you want better performance and Gsync you need to connect it trough DP or HDMI -The exhaust while big and sturdy it creates an uncomfortable experience since all that Hot air will end in your hands or anything you put on any side -Sound its mediocre and will sound even worst on lows and highs -battery performance is not great since its only 48.96whr i would preffer a bigger battery, but it gets the job done -NO SD CARD READER like WOT? i mean you can buy a dongle for that but why Gigabyte didn't put that port. -i can't recognize the brand of the SSD but it performs OK but idk how much its gonna last. -The Ryzen 9 5900HX "turboboost" its very aggressive even with light task like opening chrome or streaming while its great it ramps up the fans and ouputs too much heat for my liking in gaming it mantains high clock speeds so cpu goes to a toasty 90°C or 194°F

Overall Review: im in love with this Laptop very good performance and weight it is not as heavy as i thought, this laptops runs games like its nothing while hot on the cpu for some reason amd lets the cpu run at high clocks speeds it is nice tho. but that creates a problem for those users that like rest their hands on the sides or even using a mouse the hot air makes my hands feel a little uncomfortable or if you put your cold beverage right next to the laptop, it heats everything you put over there very fast. the fans dont have that high pitch noise, it has a very sooting woosh so it doesn't bother as much but they do get pretty loud with that ryzen 9 constantly "turbo boosting" on light task, GPU temps are actually impressive with some games like warzone i mannaged to get 80°C or 174°F at maxed settings and with some help of a cooling pad i get 76°C-78°C (168°F-172°F). Sound wise the laptop is mediocre at best you'll need to tink around with audio settings through nahmic so it doesn't sound like trash, but with some good headphones you'll be ok also having 2 separate audio its so nice. while my unit ended with a 1 stucked pixel and 2 dead sub-pixel its not that noticeable and i didn't RMA it since i moved to another country recently, that 144hz screen is so great but its not Gsync, the radeon software says its freesync capable but whatever. Keyboard is very nice a keycaps are a little bit small but overall feel good, typing its ok and the hinges are good so screen wobble is almost non-existen, its a shame that you can set only one color at a time tho, i would preffered a 4 zone backlight instead. now every little nickpick i have is almost completly erradicated by again that MASSIVE RTX 3070 with that stupid 140w TDP since i have a 144hz monitor i just plugged that MF to that mini DP and i get almost 15% more performance that's crazy and also it can do gsync through that so it feels awesome with games its a shame that there's no MUX switch, soyour'e stucked with good ol' nvidia optimus. And if youre planning to tune the laptop through the BIOS prepare your eyes with the trashiest BIOS while it has a graphic interface and mouse support (only with touchpad tho) it lacks customization and very important info like battery life and S.M:A.R.T info, at the time of this "Review" the're no uptdates to bios so idk if those options will become available. TL:DR the laptop is very good value it lacks some features compared to other laptops but its massive tdp and that Ryzen 9 makes it super competitive

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