Good product, couple of big flaws2/13/2015 1:39:49 PM

Pros: -For the price I paid ($799.00), its nearly impossible to build this computer for cheaper or with equivalent parts. -Good quality parts used for SOME of the parts (the MSI Radeon R9 285 2GB is a good quality card, the ASRock Anniversary z97 MOBO is a good quality low cost board with a pretty nice BIOS and some good options -Fast shipping, and inexpensive for the weight of the item -Good extras that come with the package -The mouse that comes with this build is surprisingly well built considering that it was free.

Cons: -Badly packaged. The HDD came with the drive caddy that it was in broken so that the drive would not sit nicely without slipping out at the smallest movement and the SATA cable into the back of it was snapped so that it didn't latch and is very difficult to get to stay in place for use. Using it anyway since the contacts are all still sound, but its not easy. Really afraid that when I put in the RMA, they are going to require that I send the entire unit back over a broken drive caddy. -Could have come with a few more of the basics. Came with only the 2 SATA cables that were needed for the parts in the build. Means that I have to decide between the Optical drive and my new SSD. Something so small really should have just come with a spare or two, which would have fixed the issue of one being broken by giving me a spare. -The biggest issue that I found was that the wire routing on this was atrocious. I have seen first time builds more successfully wire routed than this build. Everything came from everywhere around the build into a rats nest that sat DIRECTLY BEHIND the GPU, then back out to where they needed to go. I am glad that I checked it and did not attempt to use it prior to doing my own wire routing, because it would have entirely blocked all airflow through the back of the card. -Some of the parts that come with it are a little chintzy. The keyboard that comes with it is an interesting mix of good and bad. Lots of functions and extra keys for easy use, but terrible rubber dome keys and cheap build quality (It was free, so I am not complaining too much about it but for people use to a specific level of quality this is not the keyboard for you). The RAM that came with it is a single channel of cheap low profile RAM (my unit was a bare bones A-Data piece), which I would have expected better of due to the MSRP of this unit.

Overall Review: I decided to buy this computer despite my urge to build my own due to the price of the parts I was getting. Its got a i7 4790K with a good low cost MOBO, the i7 is water cooled, a Radeon R9 285, and a pretty good case to put it all in for a good price. I think that I got my money's worth, but it was not nearly what I expected from a company that supposedly caters to PC Gamers. A few points to be aware of for future buyers, based on my experience ------------------- 1. Wire route this thing as soon as you get it. Otherwise you will be throttling the GPU from day one. The Thermaltake Versa H23 has pretty good airflow and removable filters to keep clean, but not a lot of space for wire routing. Be prepared with some zip ties. 2. If you plan to swap the HDD or use it as secondary storage and add a SSD, be prepared. With Windows 8.1, if you have the wireless USB Dongle attached, at first startup after a fresh install it WILL crash Windows almost immediately with the error ATTEMPTED_EXECUTE_OF_NOEXECUTE_MEMORY on the BSOD. Remove the dongle, finish the install and do the initial setup, get the drivers from the iBUYPOWER website from another computer and install them before attaching the wireless USB device again. Once they are installed, you will be fine and the crashes should stop. This is worth mentioning and paying attention to before buying. 3. Speaking of the USB Dongle, while doing the wire routing, go ahead and pull that thing out of the internal header and put it into one of the back USB3 spots. The case blocks a lot of the signal to the device from your router and you will experience MUCH better signal from it at the expense of a USB3.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Matt, glad we were able to meet part of your expectations. We understand you're not 100% satisifed with the system and would like to make things right. We can't do much about the parts since they are sold as is, but we can address your other issues. Please contact us at 888-462-3899 or email your information to so we can begin resolving your case immediately. Our computers can also be registered at: for faster RMA service If you want to contact our technical support representative, please call us at 888-618-6040. Thanks again for considering iBUYPOWER products, we look forward to resolving your concerns.
Worth Every Penny9/9/2008 12:57:16 PM

Pros: Great brand, good price, Newegg.

Cons: None that I can think of.

Overall Review: Newegg delivered within 2 business days (as always). Put the memory into my Laptop and it worked immediately. All 4GB showed up in Vista (I do not have any high end graphics or audio cards with built in memory) and everything is up to spec and as expected.

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Not worth the money3/24/2008 7:31:23 AM

Pros: Quick to install. Simple to understand.

Cons: The device heats up within about 10 minutes of use and will shut itself off to stop overheating. Will not function with online games (USB connection does not allow enough data transfer)

Overall Review: In order for this device to work in the first place, I had to place it directly over my towers top 250mm fan to expel heat. Most of the time, this is not even enough. About every 6 hours, I have to detach my device and let it sit for about 10 minutes for it to function again. It also has a bad habit of losing the connection for about a minute at a time and then reappearing. I received one of these through my ISP along with the router that it goes with to solve the multiple computer problem in my household. After trying 2 of them, I will never use another.

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Awesome Case11/28/2007 7:23:50 PM

Pros: This case is amazing. Everything is conveniently placed and blatantly designed to promote better airflow. The removable cages for HDDs is an awesome touch of user-friendliness. This case is heavy duty rolled steel and is made to withstand a few falls.

Cons: This case is massive. The picture does not correctly represent just how large this case is.

Overall Review: This case may be a bit on the expensive side, but you definitely get what you pay for. This case will withstand some punishment and has plenty of space for expansion.

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Perfect2/14/2007 3:14:28 PM

Pros: Where to begin... Well just about everything about this product is a pro. Easy installation, to begin with. Perfect fit for any PCI slot. Flawless performance thus far (I've used it heavily for about 3 months now).

Cons: None that I can find.

Overall Review: I highly advise this product for anyone with USB problems. I have an older Dell where the manufacturer had split my 2 USB 2.0 slots into 4 USB 1.1 slots. This was the perfect cost effective solution for use with my external harddrive, iPod, etc.

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Great cheap solution4/19/2006 2:52:13 PM

Pros: Great price

Cons: Heats up extremly fast while working and isn't stackable. For those of us without USB 2.0 its a bit slow with large loads.

Overall Review: The price outweighs the problems with the drive by a long shot.

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