Nice Card3/4/2016 7:22:34 PM

Pros: Good Temps Quiet Card Nice Looking

Cons: Not sure its a con yet with this card or if its the monitor I bought. I am returning the monitor based off of others having similar problems but I am getting flickering in games. Some screen bugs and brightness seems to flash in game. I tried driver 15.12 and beta 16.1. If its not the monitor I will be RMAing the card. I notice sapphire's website has no tech support phone number for the US. That in itself is worrying. If it is ALL the monitor then disregard this. I will update review once my new monitor (different brand) arrives. Card is BIG! I have it connected to a 750 watt psu and seems to be running ok.

Overall Review: Great Card! If the con above is the monitor or driver related only.

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Dont waste your time.3/4/2016 7:12:34 PM

Pros: Sleek look Has a variety of input ports

Cons: Well I am returning the product because it does not do 144hz without display problems. I tried the driver it came with and the beta driver which was a pain to install because it is not a certified driver. This ment that I had to reboot win10 without driver verification (You kidding me). I left a message with their tech support but no call backs. Gamma is way to high and is a pain to adjust. I get little horizontal lines moving upwards on the monitor when its set to 144hz more noticeable in games because its seems like the colors are moving. Overdrive is disabled with either driver @ 144hz. Expensive for something that has only beta drivers that are supposed to get the monitor to perform at advertised specs.

Overall Review: Don't waste your time. Wait a little longer for a better monitor from them or buy a different brand. Not worth 250 bucks

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Good TV3/4/2016 7:03:43 PM

Pros: TV is fast and responsive. The picture is good.

Cons: None yet. --Ok after owning the tv for almost a year after 1 month of use it developed a black almost unnoticable line on the tv. Then the right corner started getting dark... I contacted LG. The support was rude and I am still trying to get the warranty repair done on my TV. The repair people they refered me to seen some pictures and said the panel is going out. I haven't heard from them since. I called LG back and they gave me 3 other repair numbers which 1 did not work, 1 was not in my area and the other stated I had to bring the product to them. NOT HAPPY. I notice the tv complains that I have an HDMI mismatch NO MATTER the device I hook up whether it supports UHD Deep Color or not. I tried a different hdmi cable (Cable certified for 4k), 3 different dvd players, PS4, and my computer which has an amd fury.

Overall Review: Honestly I would pay a little more and go with a samsung or another more reputable brand. LG's customer service is a nightmare. I really hope I didnt waste my money on this tv.

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Poor Design9/17/2015 6:13:41 PM

Pros: Quiet decent air flow

Cons: I had to cut off the plastic near the screw holes to get the top of my case to fit over it. Had to place the fan on the top. I was wanting this fan to go on the side of my case but the fan blades (even with the rubber spacers) kept hitting the filter. The fan blades were lop sided when spinning. Cheap construction that was not well thought out. I own a Thermaltake Chaser MK-1. Not worth the price.

Overall Review: This fan is pretty quiet but the way it is built is just bad. Plan on doing some modding to the fan to get it to fit. Use the screws that came with the case. The spacer's are a plus however. I do think If the fan was designed better it would not need spacers. Stay away from this.

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Do Not Ship tvs via ups5/6/2015 3:29:02 PM

Pros: Unknown - Looks very nice out of the box minus the damage from UPS.

Cons: I would not recommend having anything fragile shipped via ups. There was a hole in the box when I received it and the screen was cracked. Luckly the good customer service at newegg helped me to get the situation fixed. Sad really UPS would not even let me pick a time for a pickup. So far I have missed them due to me working. What a poor shipping company.

Overall Review: I would suggest asking for another shipping company like fed ex. I have never had any problems with Fed ex. This is my 4th time having problems with UPS.

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ya ok7/3/2014 10:22:08 PM

Pros: none. Its not a gift. Its a chance.

Cons: Don't really care but for the money i have spent on the company i would like a gift and not a chance gift. Past bought a amd anthlon xp 1800+, amd athlon x2, then Phenom 2 black edition, and now my new 9370 fx... the gift i got for them was a scratch off that said "better look next time" disgusting... Poor choice of words. Should have better said "not a winner". Makes me feel like a sucker for buying amd....

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very nice case7/3/2014 9:37:40 PM

Pros: I have owned a few thermaltake cases in the past and always found some bad flaws like the drive's tool less clips break, or the case plus fans would get dirty easily. This case has better tool less drive clips and has screens for the fans. Plus the rubber boots they use to route cables is nice. They also included WIRE TIES! Very nice. They also put the motherboard mount screws in for you! They really did a lot better with this case and learned from their short comings on the others.

Cons: Really non so far... but i would like to see less plastic there future versions.

Overall Review: Great case for a full tower. Has great options and is user friendly.

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Great heatsink compound7/3/2014 9:26:38 PM

Pros: I have been using this stuff for all my builds. Please note there is a break in time but after you will notice at least a 5 degree celsius difference over other compounds and will last as long as 7 years in my experience without having to reapply.

Cons: Only con i have is not really a con to me now but they should include an application guide for the new people on how to apply to cpu. On my first build i thought i had to spread it like some compounds. Didnt work as well as the dot method. I had to go to their website to look it up. I mean i know they make enough money. They need to include at least a card or small manual for the new people in the pc building world. :)

Overall Review: I know most thermal compound company's don't send guides but i really think arctic should. It would just make them look better. :) Plus would explain about the break in time with this stuff.

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HUGE.7/3/2014 9:15:57 PM

Pros: I just installed it and this thing is huge definitely make sure to get the dimensions and check to see if it will cover your ram slots on the mobo. I can only install two sticks of ram on mine. But i didnt measure it. The instructions were great and installation was easy with one exception. Other than that Good heatsink. Note: This is per installation not per running it yet. :)

Cons: Installation of fan clips is annoying at best. Instructions indicate to install fan clips after installed on cpu.... Makes it difficult to install. The motherboard i bought is listed as compatible on noctua's website but they fail to mention that it covers a ram slot. If you buy this measure first and if not plan on using only two sticks of ram instead of four. -price

Overall Review: Happy hunting fellow pc enthusiast.

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