Never worked properly10/1/2020 8:09:14 PM

Cons: They never worked.

Overall Review: I bought two plus the one that comes with the controller, but only one of the fans lights up. Might be pretty, if they worked properly

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Jose, Do allow us to help get to the bottom of the issue, please reach out at any time: -Art
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Works with Bluetooth or Older Model Wireless USB Adapter4/22/2020 3:04:50 PM

Overall Review: One of my favorite controller designs with convenient MS integration on PC. It works flawlessly with my older, larger USB wireless adapter I purchased for use with the previous model of the same controller.

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Mine Never Worked Properly11/29/2019 6:05:50 PM

Pros: My CPU/case is kept cool

Cons: 2 of the 3 fans I have running through this controller do not illuminate

Overall Review: I had a few reasons for buying this product. I bought one to replace the fan on my CPU cooler for aesthetics and higher performance but it never worked correctly with my motherboard's LED controller. I ended up getting two more: one single, and one single with the controller. This trio never all worked with the controller, so I went about getting RMAs, and sending fans back in order to get a new controller and fans. I got my fans and controller replacements, installed them, and still only one fan lights up. They all spin fine, and keep my CPU and case quite cool, but that's not the only reason I bought these. I don't know if I'm terribly unlucky, or I just don't understand how to install them (as simple as I thought installation was), but I'm still very disappointed with my purchase of this product.

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Not been this happy with a GPU since my 58709/29/2018 1:18:25 PM

Pros: Fast Affordable No LED

Cons: A tad bit loud (but hey, at least you know it's working)

Overall Review: I'm so very happy with the purchase of this card. I've had it for nearly a year now, having bought it just before the crypto bubble priced these cards just out of reach of actual gamers. It's now back at the same price point at which I purchased it, and I must tell you, it is worth every penny. Nvidia's DSR makes older (I'm talking Doom '16 older not Doom '04 old) games look great even on my 1080p screen. And it'll run most modern games on max at 1080p if not 1440p @60hz. It'll be a while before I need to upgrade. My aging platform on the other hand... I cannot wait for those 7nm AMD CPUs to drop early next year.

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TX2 CPU Fan Replacement10/31/2009 9:48:28 PM

Pros: Runs very well, keeping my CPU nice and cool, and allowing me to OC quite a bit. Comes in an adorable little cardboard box.

Cons: Advertised as 92mm, but clearly 90mm, as is evident by the text on the aforementioned box.

Overall Review: Has a really unsightly 4 pin Molex which hangs from the fan in conjunction with the CPU fan connector. Can't complain because it was in the images of the product. Really wanted the Cooler Master fan that's built to replace the TX2 and TX3 fans.

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Swam like a Maco7/4/2008 10:59:32 AM

Pros: Dang this thing was running well when it ran. Ate up CoD4 at 1680X1050 with everything turned up to 11. Mass Effect had great performance as well, I was coming from the Sapphire 1950XT 256MB, which almost lasted me a year.

Cons: Had to manually configure my fan to run faster, but that got temps back to normal. Need official driver release desperately. Three days, then nada. That's all I got. I had company over when it dooked out on me, and I just wanted to show 'em my Pokemans. Ran Mass Effect, when loading up my game, got a few artifacts, and she was done after that. Couldn't cry, as I was not alone.

Overall Review: Fantastic performance when it was operational, but that wasn't long. Will update review when I get one that doesn't die on me.

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