QC stinks but there is nothing else quite like it1/9/2018 12:25:35 PM

Pros: - Exact size and resolution combination I was looking for - 144hz - Only 1440p, 144hz, 32", g-sync monitor available in 2017 - No matte haze like is used on the Samsung CHG70 - Not curved (personal preference) - Very consistent back lighting, especially compared to my CHG70

Cons: - Quality control! My first monitor had 2 dead pixels dead center and some type of defect or inclusion on another part of the display obscuring 2-3mm. I returned that monitor and the replacement has one dead pixel, but it is in the far right corner of the display and only 1cm from the bezel, so I will deal with it. No other blemishes on the replacement. - Viewing angles are less than perfect if you sit close to it. - 4k 65" tv money for a 32" monitor :(

Overall Review: You don't have any other options for 32", 1440p, 144hz g-sync monitors yet. Hopefully we get some competition to drive prices down on these panels.

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Excellent board, and awesome value--after bios update2/7/2016 3:36:49 PM

Pros: Excellent feature set: - INTERNAL Onboard USB Port - 2 USB 3.0 headers and 2 USB 2.0 headers - M.2 PCIe AND mPCIe - Best onboard audio amplifier I have used - 128GB DDR4 support (AFTER UEFI Update...see comments) - eSata - HDD Power Control (Unique, neat feature) - Thunderbolt & USB 3.1 Support (via cards) - Clear CMOS button easy to use and easier than opening the case up - On board power / reset / diagnostics

Cons: - Would love to see two Intel Ethernet ports instead of the Atheros. - Only USB 3.1 type C on board. Type-A ports take up a PCIe 16x slot - Required an 8GB Dimm to boot...would not boot with 16GB DIMMs before a UEFI update

Overall Review: I don't have any sleep or bios issues like others. I had to find another 8GB DDR4 DIMM to start up the machine because it would not recognize my 16GB Corsair Vengence DIMMs on the bios that shipped with the MB. After upgrading to a newer version, it recognized all 8 of my 16GB DIMMS. Frustrating, but not worth an egg. I am pretty picky about audio, specifically noise when there is nothing being played. The onboard audio (both through the ports on the back AND the front header) have enough power to drive my 600ohm Beyerdynamic headphones, yet there is zero white noise when listening via my cIEMs. Easily the best integrated DAC / Amplifier I have ever used. This has let me use my Fiio E17 as a portable only DAC again! The Dr.Debug was very helpful during startup. Quickly diagnosed memory incompatibility and found another It has been rock solid so far. Overclocked 5820k to 4.4Ghz with 1.21v. Fan control is excellent. Yes, the UEFI is basic but it does the job simply. The Easy OC is conservative, but a great place to start. I would absolutely buy this bad-boy again!

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Wonderful value gaming notebook6/17/2014 4:38:50 PM

Pros: - Very fast components - Maxwell gtx860m is a beast. Runs BF4 on high with an average of 50+ fps - Cool and quiet - Matte finish on the keyboard is very comfortable - Touchpad gestures are wonderful. One of the better Windows Touchpads I have used. - Keyboard backlighting is great looking.

Cons: - 1080p TN Display leaves a lot to be desired. Poor viewing angles and its a bit washed out, Given the price, this doesn't surprise me - Keyboard sometimes misses keystrokes, but you can change your style of typing to correct for it. It also has a bit of flex in certain places. - The SSHD from Western Digital is slow..maxes out at about 100MB/s reads and 90MB/s writes - Glossy display bezel looks cheap - Speakers leave a bit to be desired, and there is white noise in the headphone jack. - Battery is only 3.5 - 4 hours max. - 8GB of DDR3 comes in two DIMMs

Overall Review: Compared to other gaming notebooks that come in at this price, the Y50 is a great deal. It is very portable, and easily upgradeable. The maxwell GPU scores 3600 in Firestrike stock. The fan is always running (but is quiet) and it keeps the processor at 38-45c while surfing the web or performing office work.

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Great device with a few small annoyances8/3/2012 10:45:34 AM

Pros: - Drive is easy to install - USB 3.0 - High quality feeling USB 3.0 cable - Works with every Slim Drive I installed in it. - Plays Blu-Ray discs without the power adapter installed when using a high-powered USB port

Cons: - Blue LED is annoying and always on when the device is on - On/OFF switch inverted (Off=On) - Difficult to remove drive after installed. -Only mounted using two screws on one side.

Overall Review: If I could have given 4.5 eggs I would have. Functionally, this device is a 5/5. It works with two DVD/RW drives I had lying around and a BD-RE I tried. All drives worked fine without using the included power adapter as long as I was using a powered USB 3.0 port. (Using a Sager NP9150 Laptop) The DC adapter Included is specified for 2000mA @ 5v. The blue led is annoying and somewhat bright in a dark room, but I usually keep the device powered off unless I need it in order to keep the LED off. Speaking of which--The on/off switch on the back of the device is labeled incorrectly. The Device is 'off' in the 'on' position and vice versa. No big deal--just a little sloppy. Installed drives are incredibly difficult to remove from the enclosure once installed. Don't plan on using this to swap slim drives frequently. Overall, I would totally buy this item again so long as it remains reliable.

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Great PC Monitor, Decent Television3/5/2012 7:14:20 PM

Pros: - 1080p in a 26" Size - Thin, and Light - 4:4:4 Chroma compatible when using DVI-->HDMI adapter, or VGA. - Inexpensive to purchase, and own - Fairly accurate color reproduction compared to other Vizio TVs

Cons: - Input lag of ~50ms...this equates to about 3-4 frames. Not the end of the world, but not fantastic - Poor audio quality should be expected with a TV this thin. - Poor stand design...can not adjust tilt, and it's deeper than it needs to be.

Overall Review: I really like this TV when its being used as a monitor. Better than a lot of dedicated other monitors this size. It has a headphone jack, so I just attached a set of Logitech Speakers to it, and the audio is much better. TV Tuner picks up all my Clear QAM channels. The remote is pretty thin, but matches the TV. My only other complaint is my LG 32" TV can be controlled by this Vizio's Remote...makes having two TVs in one room a little frustrating. I thought I would avoid this by selecting two different brands, but no.

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Quicker than USB 2.0, but needs improvement1/6/2011 1:48:02 PM

Pros: -Faster than USB 2.0 -Raid configuration is very easy and works well -Support for desktop and laptop drives

Cons: -Esata was considerably faster for my two hitachi 1tb drives vs USB 3.0 -Slot size for desktop drives leaves a LOT of space for the drives to wiggle around. I tried Western Digital Black, Green, Seagate 1.5tb barracuda, and hitachi 1tb drives...ALL moved around physically in the bay too much to be considered stable.

Overall Review: While I can appreciate Zalman's desire to make this a 'green' external docking station, I dislike how the dock automatically shuts down the drives after 10 min. I used these drives to store movies for my home theater setup, and It sometimes took upwards of 20-30 seconds for the drives to come back to life and allow me to search for something. The delay is too long in my opinion and became frustrating. Speed over USB 3.0 was disappointing when the drives were configured in raid 0. When connected via esata, I regularly got 25-35mb/s higher speeds.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Value Customer, Thank you for your inputs, we will make sure our next generation of product will be improved. Sincerely, Team Zalman USA
Leaf Blower in my Case4/30/2010 11:33:54 AM

Pros: Very Powerful - Plays NFS:S at full settings at 1920x1080 at 60fps constantly. Smaller than many other cards (5870, gtx 480, 295, etc...but is still massive)

Cons: Loud at Idle, and sounds like a leaf blower at load. Runs HOT (saw 97c) VERY Power Hungry In the end, it was the noise that set me over. I have plenty of power for it, but it's bothersome to hear the blowing of the fan when watching a blu-ray movie or playing a game.

Overall Review: Won't buy this again. Upgraded from 2x 4850s and wanted DX11 for Dirt2. Switching to a 5850 + overclocking. This is going to a family member with their PC in a closet so they don't have to hear it.

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