Really nice! Take em with me to work all the time6/25/2020 9:27:44 AM

Pros: good price, great battery life. Sleek design. Great sound and connect effortlessly. Pretty good range too. comes with lots of interchangeable parts for better comfort. (bud sizes)

Cons: very small case/package causes me to misplace it sometimes but that's more my problem than a design flaw.

Overall Review: arrived super fast and I am very satisfied with quality from a brand I don't know. will recommend to others!

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solid, reliable, no issues yet6/3/2020 11:05:49 AM

Pros: Good price for wattage I think. I've had it for a month in a PC that gets plenty of use and no problems yet. Fairly manageable to install (my case was just kinda small). Came with extra cables too. Runs quiet.

Cons: The blue light doesn't work? or I don't know how to turn it on. Cables can be annoying it being semi-modular.

Overall Review: Can't really complain, good price and gets the job done with no problems yet. Not sure if blue led is broken but does not bother me as the case fans are red lighting. Would recommend to anyone attempting budget or first builds.

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Maybe don't get a cheap case next time..5/17/2020 1:00:15 AM

Pros: perfect price for a budget/first build. I like the black/red theme. Everything works.

Cons: Broken foot i had to glue on, some of the insertion tabs were busted in front panel. Standoffs were kinda crooked, made it work. Some dings here and there.

Overall Review: Definitely going to throw more down for a case. This one got the job done but with barely any wiggle room. Wires were simple enough to connect, fans could be slightly better.

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