Love it3/21/2021 2:13:55 PM

Pros: Great price point for the featuresSolid base. Height and angle adjustable very easilySuper simple assemblyVery sharp, great colors.Not a single dead pixel.Not curved.

Cons: If you're too close the screen looks a bit dark near the edges because of the viewing angle, but you really shouldn't be that close anyway.It can take a while to warm up before everything starts looking right. On a cold start I can see the difference between the two panels as they warm up at different rates. After a few minutes though everything is perfect and seamless.Not curved.

Overall Review: I'm loving it. I waited a long time for 2k ips with high fps at a reasonable price point and this one really delivers. The only thing you're really losing out on that you would get with a more expensive monitor is the curve. For me that's a plus because I don't really like the curve, but after using this one for a while I can see why curved monitors exist. There is some dimming at the edges and you have to turn your head a good amount if you're sitting too close. But that's fine as long as you've got the room to push the monitor back a bit. It's plenty big that you don't need it right in your face.My order was damaged during shipping but I went through the RMA process and it was painful and as fast as could be expected. Second one came through fine and seems to be working perfectly after two weeks.

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No complaints3/21/2021 2:02:05 PM

Pros: It arrived quicklyIt worksWhat more could you want

Overall Review: Not much to say. I'm using it via usb thanks to a UGREEN adapter and it works like a charm.

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