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Well, that was a terrible experience.7/7/2013 10:16:23 AM

Pros: Smaller than the other cable connectors I found that serve the same purpose.

Cons: Cheap, cheap, CHEAP!! Brittle plastic "male" connector may break off in your expensive female parts.

Overall Review: Just got a HP z820 video rig with 4 female SATA cables leading to full-size bays. Added an ATTO RAID controller with a fanout cable with female ends. I bought 4 of these MALE-to-MALE adapters and popped them in, not much to it. The ATTO configuration utility was throwing occasional errors on one of the drives and was INCREDIBLY slow to copy files to despite some very fast WRITE times. Long story short, I went to swap the fanout cable and when I took off the adapter, I found it had broken off in my fanout cable. I then went to remove it from the HDD side and it had broken off in that side too, which is bad because it's a non-servicable part in a $15K computer. 15 minutes with a headlamp and a sewing needle got the male junk dug out intact but, wow... It was crazy how brittle the plastic I dug out was. The other 3 SEEMED fine but no thanks. Way too much important data and hardware investment riding on this to get jacked by a $3 adapter.

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