Doesn't that look so much better???7/18/2021 12:55:50 PM

Pros: All the desk space Cable management Super easy setup

Cons: Hex wrench to make some adjustments but then it's set it and forget it. Wall mount option would be nice. Included hardware for tempered glass desks would be nice.

Overall Review: This makes such a big difference and it seems mounted on my tempered glass desk safely.

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Protecting my landlord's carpet7/18/2021 12:50:33 PM

Pros: Feels very sturdy to stand on

Cons: No beveled edge but I guess that's on me.

Overall Review: Great glass mat

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Ahhhh, refreshing1/24/2019 12:54:44 PM

Pros: - Very High Quality plumbing and electrical attachments. - Comfortable Remote - Super Easy Install - I'm a real person with a really clean derriere :D

Cons: - Some Minor Concerns - Some of the functions in the manual don't line up with the remote - C and F are used interchangeably with no indication of measure, both in the manual and on the remote(ECO mode does ensure sustained 89.6F/32C) - No Chemical Cleaners, Benzene, Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Do not spray water directly onto this unit. Use wet cloth to clean unit. - Do Not force the self-closing lid shut? (meh)

Overall Review: I had a cheapo unit before deciding the bidet was for me and with this upgrade I am actually in heaven. The water pressure is perfect and even on the highest setting it isn't "stabbing" my hiney. The water temperature is on the highest setting and it feels GREAT! While I keep the seat setting at 1(because in Japan the heated seats all made my buttocks sweat and I didn't like it) this is baby bear, just right. I never give 5 stars, there is always room for improvement; However, the few issues I have are negligible to the value this product provides.

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What they wont tell you8/4/2018 8:15:13 AM

Pros: This vacuum sucks! my furniture is like new the amount of dust, dander, dirt, and debris this thing picks up is astounding I have pets, A wirey cat, a soft cat, and a short-haired dog, not an issue. Easy storage, even the extra attachment fits in the handle when its stored.

Cons: It *Clacks* sometimes, like I did something wrong, but I just turned it sooooo... it "doesn't turn on a dime" I guess. The cord catch at the top feels like it will pop off if the cord is wound too tight. I'm not sure if I should carry it by the handle handle or the canister handle, it's on the heavy side.

Overall Review: I'm happy I bought it. A lot of videos advertise this vacuum as "loud" but it's no louder than vacuums were growing up, I was expecting much worse. Also, you can purchase extra canisters from Dyson if you need. I thought that was a cool perk.

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Astounding Quality for Incredible Price8/4/2018 8:04:42 AM

Pros: Looking for a beginner guitar? This is it! ~Great Action ~Even, Level Frets ~Nice Materials Honestly, You couldn't build a guitar for less than this item on sale.

Cons: The line cord is low rating so that will need to be replaced. (Really, who cares? Such an inconsequential drawback compared to the rest of the value.)

Overall Review: The "10W" amp is actually a 20W amp from China with little electrical hazard safeguards so I'm pretty sure the only reason it's advertised as 10W, or 15W, is because the plug in cord is only rated for it. The Amp itself is unambiguously a 20W amp.

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30-50 Mbps increase8/4/2018 7:52:10 AM

Pros: Increased Speed Increased Wifi Range LED button turns off LEDs

Cons: It is Giant. I have a dope ASUS setup so all the design matches and it is in my room, on my desk. No wall mounting brackets

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Well Oiled Bits5/18/2018 3:27:01 PM

Pros: Great Bit Kit!

Cons: Bits are really expensive and so I was worried these might break easily

Overall Review: I have made some beautiful shelves with my new router bits, still going strong!

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It's the Hyper212 with more pipes and a sexier package5/18/2018 3:25:03 PM

Pros: More Pipes Sexier Package IT WORKS!

Cons: There was a tag that I could tell would be in the way and impede my cable management so I took it off and then read it said, "Warning: Warranty Void if Removed." Then, the fan housing pushed slightly against my A2 RAM card so I had to Dremel out some clearance. I was a little sketched out by the new mounting bracket.

Overall Review: Totally worth!

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I love Cooler Master!5/18/2018 3:19:13 PM

Pros: Amazing cable management Everything was very easy to access and install Micro Mesh incorporated wherever possible Beautiful case!

Cons: not the easiest to pick up and carry, don't pick up and carry your desktop if you can avoid it Didn't come with a CoolerMaster PCI-e riser cable

Overall Review: if you want maximum LED awesomeness you will need to order a 140mm for the exhaust and your choice of 3 120s, 3 140s, or 2 200s on top.

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Never had so many compliments on my RAM5/18/2018 3:13:49 PM

Pros: Great RAM Plus it lights up!

Cons: My fourth card has weird lighting, the Rainbow Cycle timing on it is off sometimes and the static white has half the bar lit slightly "bluer or brighter" than the rest of the LEDs.

Overall Review: If you want to make everyone jelly and get hours of entertainment just staring at your rig, these are the RGB LED DDR4 RAM sticks for you!

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This is an exciting one!5/18/2018 3:10:24 PM

Pros: Romer switches are so soft and responsive LED look so nice without the under-key bleed. I kinda thought I liked that effect on my Corsair RGB mechanical but this is much cleaner.

Cons: No support for Overwolf! I was very surprised considering this is one of Logitechs best RGB keyboards with soundsync technology. I contacted Overwolf and they said they will have profiles available for this keyboard when they can get their hands on it from Logitech.

Overall Review: Romer vs. Mechanical ~ I don't enjoy the loud tick of mechanicals and used dampeners on my Corsair. Even my linear Romer switch has a nice indicator that I feel like I'm hitting the keys with out the clickity-clack. They also have a bit of resistance when pushing them like they want to reset and that helps prevent me from fully down pressing the key.

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Not like the single color bars Cooler Master offers5/18/2018 3:00:56 PM

Pros: A good thing they are different, 4-pin led is the future of universal control

Cons: A little bulkier than the single color bars VRGB cables and plugs are universally flimsy a.f.

Overall Review: Don't be deterred by current VRGB plugs I use light-weight zip-ties to secure mine when they need it.

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Great Product, Great Price, Great Controller5/18/2018 2:55:05 PM

Pros: Cooler Master LED controller is super legit! ~ Software is very easy to use and Mirage setting is so much fun to play with. Fans are nice and quite

Cons: the controller has a very beautiful gloss cover with a plastic sticker for protection. As soon as that plastic sticker is off the controller will smudge to anything. I used a microfiber cloth to wipe off my prints and the material scratched the surface enough that I had to hide the controller with the rest of my cable management.

Overall Review: Don't remove the plastic until you will never touch it again ;)

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Reversible Rubber Foot Pads!!!5/18/2018 2:50:22 PM

Pros: Reversible Rubber Foot Pads!!! Mirage Setting in Cooler Master LED controller husssshhhhhhh :D

Cons: As my exhaust fan, I had to reverse the "Reversible Rubber Foot Pads" for optimal vibration elimination on my case chassis.

Overall Review: My rig is so pretty now!

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Plug n Play Pretty Lights5/18/2018 2:46:53 PM

Pros: I love the "touch" interface hard surface mouse pad is actually better for games with my G502 Plugged into my monitor for easy off LEDs when I power down.

Cons: No White setting :/

Overall Review: Great Pad, I ♥ Cooler Master MasterAccessories.

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extends mah fans5/18/2018 2:42:42 PM

Pros: nice materials

Cons: it's not a fan extension controller; Which is to say, I knew this going into the purchase, if anyone is using mobo app or other software to control 3 fans from one 4-pin node this will provide them power, but PWM isn't available on the 2 extensions.

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Great sturdy product! Feels Amazing on my teeth!5/18/2018 2:38:22 PM

Pros: Sturdy construction, I can do both rows of teeth, front and back, with one tank on high pressure.

Cons: A mainstream full-price unit I imagine will have slightly higher quality switches.

Overall Review: Highly recommended, my mouth feels healthier after one use.

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Oooo New tech12/22/2016 4:40:16 PM

Pros: the earbud holder fins are super legit, I was skeptical at first buy they stay in my ears without fail and are incredibly unnoticeable.

Cons: the speakers crackle a bit because the headphones stay in so well.

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This is the one12/22/2016 4:38:43 PM

Pros: Easy install. Works great. Fans are easy to replace.

Cons: It doesn't threaten to leak fluids all over my extremely expensive components.

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They have lights12/22/2016 4:37:07 PM

Pros: They have lights. The lights are red. The fan is quite and fits my cpu cooler.

Cons: very minor lighting effect.

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Solid12/22/2016 4:35:01 PM

Pros: Very solid design

Cons: I'm not a fan of clacking so I bought an o-ring kit to muffle the keys. Worked great. Love the feel of my board.

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Cute key alternatives12/22/2016 4:32:42 PM

Pros: awesome key replacements

Cons: I'm having a hard time deciding what to key-bind my potion as for arenas.....

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Great Kit12/22/2016 4:30:42 PM

Pros: expedited my key replacement process tremendously

Cons: too good of quality

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So Smoooooth12/22/2016 4:28:38 PM

Pros: Very sleek look. Very smooth feel. Blac/Red w/ White accent color scheme.

Cons: comes rolled up but loses the roll over time on the desk.

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