Decent Value for the 2020/2021 Market1/6/2021 6:58:42 AM

Pros: - Decent quality - Everything worked and was connected out of the box - This thing is FAST - Easy and stable overclocking with the 10700k and Asus UEFI/BIOS - Quality GPU (Asus TUF 3080)

Cons: - Some components are budget oriented - Case fans are garbage - AIO is mediocre - RGB everything (personal preference...not a fan)

Overall Review: Like a lot of folks, I bought this prebuilt thanks to the inability to source a GPU in the current market. First prebuilt I've bought since the Voodoo I was the best GPU on the market. While many of the components are on the budget/value end, they are entirely serviceable. I had this rig running at 5.0 GHZ core and 4.6 GHZ ring clocks out of the gate, ram set to 3200 with an XMP I profile. 100% stable with 1.29v core voltage. This rig is FAST (99th percentile in timespy 3dmark test overclocked). Coming from a 6700k and 1080 GPU, I did not expect such a substantial jump in real world performance, but good lord I was wrong. Biggest complaint is the case and fans. It will run HOT (by my standards) thanks to the mediocre AIO and garbage case fans. Not hot enough to thermally throttle, but still too warm for my liking. I have since replaced the fans and temps are in a much better spot. I would advise at the very least people take the front fans and mount them on the backside of the front bracket to improve airflow/intake volume. I have opted to go with two 140mm high airflow and high static pressure fans on the front and the difference is night and day. Replacing the rear exhaust with a 2000 RPM high flow fan and the AIO fans with high static pressure Noctua fans has resulted in a substantial drop in temps. Now idling in the high 20s on CPU and mid 30s on GPU with aggressive fan curves, ~67 to 68 F ambient room temp. Load temps are now in the high 50s average during gaming and low to mid 60s with synthetic benchmarks/stress tests. Prime95 with AVX is another story, but not much can be done there. PSU is decent quality, though 750w is the lowest I would go, especially adding more SSDs and cards/components. I will be swapping in my old RM850x PSU once I get around to it. TL;DR: Good overall rig at a reasonable price given the current market (late 2020/early 2021). If you're willing to change out some parts and put in a little elbow grease it presents even better value. The components are all decent save for the fans. If you need a fast rig and are tired of waiting for the market to level off, this is a good option to get up to speed with current gen standards.

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