A Surprising Gem3/13/2012 8:21:04 AM

Pros: I had a 6 year old system that needed replacement. I wanted a higher end gaming system but needed to save up, so I bought this chip as a hold-me-over until I saved up enough for a high end system. I could not be more surprised and happy with this chip's performance. The i3 and i5 might get all the attention for gaming builds, but the G620 is solid and well worth considering for budget builds. With a GT 430 video card I was getting 50-60 frames in WoW on my 1600x1200 CRT on High. When I got a 1920x1080 Monitor WoW frames were around 30 at Good. Now paired with my GTX 560Ti 488 core I'm at 60 Frames on High for WoW and Skyrim on High. My piece-at-a-time upgrade method has me using this chip under different conditions and It's held it's own al the way. I occasionally build for friends, and for the non-gamers I don't see a reason to spent money on the i3 after I tried the G620.

Cons: I'm stretching here, but for the sake of something to say, it maybe, *maybe*, runs a little hot using stock cooling. After long gaming sessions I'll see max temps have reached 48-50C. That's still at the upper end of what a lot of people would think acceptable, so no worries. Also, those temps are with the stock fan and the included pre-applied thermal paste. I'm using this chip in a hold-me-over-til-I-upgrade build so I didn't use anything more than stock. I'm sure the temps would drop with better paste and fans. Under non-gaming conditions it stays in the upper 30s, low 40s so I wouldn't even worry about heat if you're just using this for a basic web-browsing, YouTube, email build. I'd use quality thermal paste of course, but the stock fan is fine for that kind of build.

Overall Review: I'm not saying this is a gaming chip by any means, and I will be replacing this with a i5-2500K (or the Ivy Bridge equivalent) eventually. I am saying that for low end non- or light gaming builds on a budget, this is certainly an option not to be overlooked especially when paired with a gaming card. Building an office PC and using integrated graphics? This will work. Want to use that same machine for gaming? Probably throwing in a good gaming card will get you a solid basic system, which you can upgrade to i3 or i5 at your leisure.

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Works Flawlessly1/21/2012 10:34:19 PM

Pros: I plugged it in and the BIOS and Win7 x64 recognized it immediately. No Driver or other issues at all. I installed Win7 x64 on a newly formatted PATA drive through this card with no issues

Cons: None

Overall Review: I haven't built a system in 7 years and my old single core P4 and AGP card were just running hot, so I decided to upgrade on the cheap. However all my drives are PATA and needed a card to use them on my new mobo. After I installed all my new hardware I attached a newly formatted PATA drive to this card, started up the system, the UEFI BOIS recognized it, and I installed Win7 x64 with no issues. After that I attached my other HDD and all's well. I'm booting my system from the drive attached to this card so no complaints at all. Now I just need to save up to replace these old drives. Current System: Pentium G620 ASRock H61iCafe Mobo G.Skill DDR3 1600 Memory

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