Good bang for your buck, but at a price.9/23/2013 4:40:27 PM

Pros: A lot of bang for your buck in this laptop, performancewise. 12GB ram, dual 750M, and a quad core (eight threads with Hyper Threading) i7 4700M Haswell with boost to 3.4GHz. The screen is 1920x1080 and looks very nice.

Cons: The CPU runs pretty hot, even when not gaming. There's no SSD (or cache that I can see). The trackpad is one of the worst I've used on a laptop, and the speakers sound pretty terrible, even for laptop speakers. Also, there's no physical switch or keyboard Fn key to toggle wifi on or off.Lastly, there's no ultrabay accessories being sold separately at this time, so if you get dual 750M, don't plan on switching it out for a dvd drive anytime soon.

Overall Review: My biggest gripe is the fact that Lenovo sells a model of this laptop with an SSD drive. I opened up the laptop to see where said drive goes and what I might need to add it. There is a clear empty spot labled SSD (mSATA perhaps?). However, Lenovo doesn't even solder a connector on the models that don't come with the SSD, so it is impossible to upgrade to an SSD in the future. This is a huge disappointment.

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Lots of bang for a little buck.7/2/2012 8:13:32 AM

Pros: I bought two of these from a brick and mortar store on sale for $179 (sorry Egg) as budget photo editing monitors for a photographer client of mine after her high end 6 year old monitor died. The color reproduction is very accurate, at least from a subjective look from both her and me. LCD panels have come a long way since she purchased her last monitor for 3x the price, and the step up is noticeably better. Contrary to the other reviews, neither of the monitors I picked up have any backlight bleed, (perhaps later revisions fixed the problem). I also found zero dead or stuck pixels.

Cons: The monitor stands are pretty terrible (especially considering her old monitor had an amazing stand), but since the monitors provide VESA 100 mounting holes (and she's been aiming to reclaim some desk space anyways), I bought a couple monitor arms to replace the stands. Given the light weight of the monitors, the arms hold up really nicely. The viewing angles are pretty good, but there's a slight purplish hue when viewing too far off angle. However, this seems to be diminishing with time as the monitor breaks itself in.

Overall Review: I've only had these for a week now, but I'm impressed by the quality considering the price. I was moments away from spending almost three times as much on a single competing monitor, but decided to take my chances with two of these (and glad I did).

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Completely Amazed6/2/2012 8:58:45 PM

Pros: Runs silent. Runs cool. Runs stable. Runs fast.

Cons: I don't have three of these cards. It's a shame these poor user reviews are sullying this card's good name.

Overall Review: I first wanted to address these claims of stability issues. I have had ZERO crashes with two of these cards in SLI. That includes a 4 hour session of Skyrim at Ultra settings, and a 6 hour of Max Payne 3 at Ultra settings, both at 1920x1080. I, however, am not using the ASUS GPU Tweak software, and don't plan to. Given the other comments, I would suggest steering clear of the ASUS utility for now. Back to my thoughts on the cards. Coming from a watercooled SLI setup, I'm used to running cool and quiet, so I was hesitant to buy these without having waterblocks lined up and ready to install. After throwing these in my computer, I've come to the conclusion that I will not be watercooling these cards anytime soon. They run quieter than the fans on my radiator, and way cooler than I expected them to (given the poor airflow in this case). In fact, they are the coolest running cards I've owned in many generations of owning Nvidia cards (FX 5950 Ultra, 6800 GTX, 8800 GTX, GTX 280, GTX 460)

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Trust G.Skill11/6/2007 5:24:05 PM

Pros: Been running this kit 24/7 with Vista 64 on a Striker Extreme for almost one year and never had a single issue with the ram. It's worked since day one. Passed all mem tests at advertised settings.

Cons: Latency could be a little better, but they work exceptionally well for me. Only rates a 5.3 in the Vista Windows Experience Index (which says more about the index than the ram).

Overall Review: I was a little leery of the G.Skill name since I had never used them before. Now, I just purchased a second kit of this ram and would recommend it to anyone. I'll definitely consider G.Skill for future purchases.

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Spinning Up5/18/2005 7:50:49 AM

Comments: Got this drive from Newegg, but had to RMA after it randomly wouldn't spin up on startup on two seperate machines. Got the replacement and same issue. However, both machines use a PCI IDE card. I Figured out how to work around the issue, but still irritating. Works great otherwise. Fastest, and largest drive in my system.

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